• Recommended Facial Equipment

    Linka: Multi Facial Treatment

    This is a highly cosmetic facial device with five different functions: ion introduction, ion derivation, RF, EMS, and LED light beauty. You can experience a total facial treatment that includes skin warming, dirt care, and exercise to meet your needs. You can also use your own lotion for negative ion moisturizing care♪

    The power is automatically turned off every 10 minutes, so you can use it with peace of mind. It is easy to use with its lightweight body weighing only 120g and rechargeable x cordless type.

    SALONIA Salonia Smart Moisture Device Set Facial Unit

    A stylish, next-generation facial device that specializes in simple care. It is popular for its compact and stylish appearance that blends in well with interiors and is easy to carry around. It has a dedicated serum and is an all-in-one type that contains many beauty ingredients, making daily care shorter. It is also recommended to purchase a set.

    Ya-Man: Photo Plus EX eye pro

    With RF and EMS functions, it can provide both warmth and electrical stimulation for beauty care. 6 different functions are integrated into one, including RF and EMS as well as a cleansing mode. It is recommended for those who are concerned about the lack of elasticity in their skin due to aging, and for those who want to deal with various skin problems in one device.

    L&LSkin: MIO2 Face Massager

    The L&L Skin MIO2 face lift massager is a unique sonic facial massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with any massaging serum, eye cream, or your favorite moisturizer. It helps to refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your eye area, brows, lip lines, cheeks, and chin.


    The red LED light delivers beauty ingredients to the keratinous layer of the skin, while the ionic power helps to cleanse the skin. The 10,000 vibrations per minute are 10 times more effective than hand massage! In the beauty powerhouse of Korea, 100,000 units were sold out immediately after sales began, making it a highly sought after facial device.

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