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{"messages":{"1":[null,"1"],"8081":[null,"8081"],"":{"project-id-version":"sickragetv","report-msgid-bugs-to":"[email protected]","pot-creation-date":"2018-06-22 03:37-0700","last-translator":"echel0n <[email protected]>","language-team":"Danish","mime-version":"1.0","content-type":"text/plain; charset=UTF-8","content-transfer-encoding":"8bit","generated-by":"Babel 2.5.1","plural-forms":"nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);","x-generator":"","x-crowdin-project":"sickragetv","x-crowdin-language":"da","x-crowdin-file":"messages.pot","language":"da_DK"},"Shutdown":[null,"Lukning"],"Are you sure you want to shutdown SiCKRAGE ?":[null,"Er du sikker på du vil lukning SiCKRAGE?"],"Restart":[null,"Genstart"],"Are you sure you want to restart SiCKRAGE ?":[null,"Er du sikker på du vil genstarte SiCKRAGE?"],"Submit Errors":[null,"Indsend fejl"],"Are you sure you want to submit these errors ?":[null,""],"Make sure SiCKRAGE is updated and trigger":[null,""],"this error with debug enabled before submitting":[null,""],"Searching":[null,"Søgning"],"Queued":[null,"I kø"],"Manual Search":[null,"Manuel søgning"],"loading":[null,"lastning"],"Choose Directory":[null,"Vælg bibliotek"],"Ok":[null,"Ok"],"Cancel":[null,"Annuller"],"Clear History":[null,"Ryd historik"],"Are you sure you want to clear all download history ?":[null,"Er du sikker på du vil slette alle download historie?"],"Trim History":[null,"Trim historie"],"Are you sure you want to trim all download history older than 30 days ?":[null,"Er du sikker på du vil trimme alle overførselsoversigt ældre end 30 dage?"],"Remove Show":[null,"Fjerne Show"],"Are you sure you want to remove":[null,""]," from the database?":[null,""],"Check to delete files as well. IRREVERSIBLE":[null,""],"Update failed.":[null,"Opdateringen mislykkedes."],"Select Show Location":[null,"Vælg Vis beliggenhed"],"loading folders...":[null,""],"Select Unprocessed Episode Folder":[null,"Vælg mappe, uforarbejdede Episode"],"search timed out, try increasing timeout for indexer":[null,"timeout for søgning, prøv at øge timeout for indekseringsprogram"],"Search Results:":[null,""],"No results found, try a different search or language.":[null,""]," (will debut on ":[null,""]," (started on ":[null,""],"Saved Defaults":[null,"Gemte standardindstillinger"],"Your \"add show\" defaults have been set to your current selections.":[null,"\"Tilføj show\" standardindstillinger er indstillet til din aktuelle valg."]," Saving...":[null,""],"Reset Config to Defaults":[null,"Nulstille Config til standarder"],"Are you sure you want to reset config to defaults?":[null,"Vil du nulstille config til standardindstillingerne?"],"Select path to pip":[null,"Vælg stien til pip"],"Select path to git":[null,"Vælg stien til git"],"Please fill out the necessary fields above.":[null,"Udfyld de nødvendige felter ovenfor."],"Select Subtitles Download Directory":[null,"Vælg undertekster Download Directory"],"Select .nzb blackhole/watch location":[null,"Vælg .nzb blackhole/watch placering"],"Select .torrent blackhole/watch location":[null,"Vælg .torrent blackhole/watch placering"],"Select .torrent download location":[null,"Vælg .torrent downloadplacering"],"Minimum seeding time is":[null,"Minimum såning tid er"],"URL to your uTorrent client (e.g. http://localhost:8000)":[null,"URL til din uTorrent klient (f.eks. http://localhost:8000)"],"Stop seeding when inactive for":[null,"Stop seeding når inaktiv for"],"URL to your Transmission client (e.g. http://localhost:9091)":[null,"URL til din Transmission klient (f.eks. http://localhost:9091)"],"URL to your Deluge client (e.g. http://localhost:8112)":[null,"URL til din syndfloden klient (f.eks. http://localhost:8112)"],"IP or Hostname of your Deluge Daemon (e.g. scgi://localhost:58846)":[null,"IP eller værtsnavnet for din syndfloden Daemon (f.eks. scgi://localhost:58846)"],"URL to your Synology DS client (e.g. http://localhost:5000)":[null,"URL til din Synology DS-klienten (f.eks. http://localhost:5000)"],"URL to your rTorrent client (e.g. scgi://localhost:5000":[null,""]," or https://localhost/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php)":[null,""],"URL to your qbittorrent client (e.g. http://localhost:8080)":[null,"URL til din qbittorrent klient (fx http:/localhost8080:/)"],"URL to your MLDonkey (e.g. http://localhost:4080)":[null,"URL til din MLDonkey (f.eks. http://localhost:4080)"],"URL to your putio client (e.g. http://localhost:8080)":[null,"URL til din putio klient (fx http:/localhost8080:/)"],"Select TV Download Directory":[null,"Vælg TV Download Directory"],"Select UNPACK Directory":[null,""],"Unrar Executable not found.":[null,"Udrede eksekverbare fil fundet ikke."],"This pattern is invalid.":[null,"Dette mønster er ugyldig."],"This pattern would be invalid without the folders, using it will force \"Flatten\" off for all shows.":[null,"Dette mønster vil være ugyldig uden mapper, bruger det vil tvinge \"Flatten\" ud til alle shows."],"This pattern is valid.":[null,"Dette mønster er gyldig."],"<b>Step1:</b> Confirm Authorization":[null,"<b>Step1:</b> bekræfte tilladelse"],"Please fill in the Popcorn IP address":[null,"Udfyld venligst Popcorn IP-adressen"],"Check blacklist name; the value need to be a trakt slug":[null,"Check blackliste navn; værdien skal være en trakt skovsnegl"],"You must specify an SMTP hostname!":[null,""],"You must specify an SMTP port!":[null,""],"SMTP port must be between 0 and 65535!":[null,""],"Enter an email address to send the test to:":[null,"Indtast en e-mail adresse for at sende prøven til:"],"You must provide a recipient email address!":[null,""],"Device list updated. Please choose a device to push to.":[null,"Enhedsliste opdateret. Vælg en enhed til at skubbe til."],"You didn't supply a Pushbullet api key":[null,"Du levere ikke en Pushbullet api-nøgle"],"Don't forget to save your new pushbullet settings.":[null,"Glem ikke at gemme dine nye indstillinger for pushbullet."],"Select backup folder to save to":[null,"Vælge backup mappe til at gemme på"],"Select backup files to restore":[null,"Vælg backup-filer til at gendanne"],"No providers available to configure.":[null,"Ingen udbydere tilgængelige for at konfigurere."],"You have selected to delete  show(s).  Are you sure you wish to continue? All files will be removed from your system.":[null,"Du har valgt for at slette udstillinger.  Er du sikker på du ønsker at fortsætte? Alle filer vil blive fjernet fra dit system."],"DELETED":[null,""],"Profile":[null,"Profil"],"JSONP":[null,"JSONP"],"Command name":[null,"Kommandonavnet"],"Parameters":[null,"Parametre"],"Name":[null,"Navn"],"Required":[null,"Kræves"],"Description":[null,"Beskrivelse"],"Type":[null,"Type"],"Default value":[null,"Standardværdi"],"Allowed values":[null,"Tilladte værdier"],"Playground":[null,"Legeplads"],"URL:":[null,"URL-ADRESSE:"],"Required parameters":[null,"Obligatoriske parametre"],"Optional parameters":[null,"Valgfri parametre"],"Call API":[null,"Kalde API"],"Response:":[null,"Svar:"],"Clear":[null,"Klart"],"Yes":[null,"Ja"],"No":[null,"Nej"],"season":[null,"sæson"],"episode":[null,"Episode"],"Limit:":[null,"Grænse:"],"All":[null,"Alle"],"Layout:":[null,"Layout:"],"Compact":[null,"Kompakt"],"Detailed":[null,"Detaljerede"],"Time":[null,"Tid"],"Episode":[null,"Episode"],"Action":[null,"Handling"],"Provider":[null,"Udbyder"],"Quality":[null,"Kvalitet"],"Snatched":[null,"Snappede"],"Downloaded":[null,"Downloadet"],"Subtitled":[null,"Undertitlen"],"missing provider":[null,"mangler udbyder"],"Username":[null,"Username"],"Password":[null,"Adgangskode"],"for 30 days":[null,"for 30 dage"],"Register":[null,""],"Login":[null,"Login"],"Toggle Summary":[null,"Skifte Resumé"],"AnimeDB Settings":[null,"AnimeDB indstillinger"],"User Interface":[null,"Brugergrænseflade"],"AniDB":[null,"AniDB"],"AniDB is non-profit database of anime information that is freely open to the public":[null,"AniDB er non-profit database af anime, der er frit tilgængelige for offentligheden"],"Enabled":[null,"Aktiveret"],"Enable AniDB":[null,"Aktivere AniDB"],"AniDB Username":[null,"AniDB Username"],"AniDB Password":[null,"AniDB adgangskode"],"AniDB MyList":[null,"AniDB MyList"],"Do you want to add the PostProcessed Episodes to the MyList ?":[null,"Vil du tilføje efterbehandlet episoder til MyList?"],"Save Changes":[null,"Gemme ændringer"],"Split show lists":[null,"Split showet lister"],"Separate anime and normal shows in groups":[null,"Separat anime og normal viser i grupper"],"Backup":[null,"Backup"],"Restore":[null,"Gendanne"],"Backup your main database file and config":[null,"Backup af dine vigtigste databasefilen og config"],"Select the folder you wish to save your backup file to":[null,"Vælg den mappe du vil gemme sikkerhedskopifilen til"],"Restore your main database file and config":[null,"Gendan din vigtigste databasefilen og config"],"Select the backup file you wish to restore":[null,"Vælg den sikkerhedskopi, du ønsker at gendanne"],"Restore database files":[null,"Gendan databasefilerne"],"Restore configuration file":[null,"Gendanne konfigurationsfilen"],"Restore cache files":[null,"Gendanne cachefiler"],"Misc":[null,"Misc"],"Interface":[null,"Grænseflade"],"Advanced Settings":[null,"Avancerede indstillinger"],"SiCKRAGE API":[null,"SiCKRAGE API"],"Options for":[null,""],"API Provider Cache":[null,""],"Enable provider cache ?":[null,"Aktiverer Providerens cache?"],"Google Drive":[null,""],"Sync To Google Drive":[null,""],"Sync To Local Drive":[null,""],"Startup options. Indexer options. Log and show file locations.":[null,"Startindstillinger. Indekserings-indstillinger. Log og Vis filplaceringer."],"Some options may require a manual restart to take effect.":[null,"Nogle indstillinger kan kræve en manuel genstart kan træde i kraft."],"Default Indexer Language":[null,"Indekseringen standardsprog"],"for adding shows and metadata providers":[null,"for at tilføje shows og metadata udbydere"],"Launch browser":[null,"Start browseren"],"open the SickRage home page on startup":[null,"Åbn siden SickRage start ved start"],"Initial page":[null,"Startside"],"when launching SickRage interface":[null,"Når indlede SickRage interface"],"Shows":[null,"Viser"],"Schedule":[null,"Tidsplan"],"History":[null,"Historie"],"IRC":[null,"IRC"],"Daily show updates start time":[null,"Dagligt Vis opdateringer starttidspunkt"],"with information such as next air dates, show ended, etc.":[null,"med oplysninger som næste luft datoer, Vis endte mv."],"Use 15 for 3pm, 4 for 4am etc. Anything over 23 or under 0 will be set to 0 (12am)":[null,"Brug 15 til 3 pm, 4 til 4 am osv. Noget over 23 eller under 0 sættes til 0 (12 am)"],"Daily show updates stale shows":[null,"Dagligt Vis opdateringer forslidt viser"],"should ended shows last updated less then 90 days get updated and refreshed automatically ?":[null,"skal afsluttede shows Sidst opdateret mindre derefter 90 dage få opdateret og opdateres automatisk?"],"Send to trash for actions":[null,"Send til papirkurven for handlinger"],"when using show \"Remove\" and delete files":[null,"Når du bruger Vis \"Fjern\" og slette filer"],"on scheduled deletes of the oldest log files":[null,"på planlagte sletter de ældste log filer"],"selected actions use trash (recycle bin) instead of the default permanent delete":[null,"udvalgte foranstaltninger bruge trash (Papirkurv) i stedet for den standard permanent slette"],"Number of Log files saved":[null,"Antal logfiler gemmes"],"default = 5":[null,"standard = 5"],"Size of Log files saved":[null,"Størrelsen af logfiler gemmes"],"default = 1048576 (1MB)":[null,"standard = 1048576 (1MB)"],"Default indexer for adding shows":[null,"Standard indekseringsprogrammet for at tilføje viser"],"All Indexers":[null,"Alle indeks"],"Show indexer timeout":[null,"Vis indekseringen timeout"],"default = 10":[null,"standard = 10"],"Show root directories":[null,"Vis rod mapper"],"Updates":[null,"Opdateringer"],"Options for software updates.":[null,"Indstillingerne for softwareopdateringer."],"Check software updates":[null,"Check softwareopdateringer"],"and display notifications when updates are available. Checks are run on startup and at the frequency set below":[null,""],"Automatically update":[null,"Automatisk at opdatere"],"fetch and install software updates.Updates are run on startupand in the background at the frequency setbelow":[null,""],"Check the server every":[null,""],"default = 12 (hours)":[null,"standard = 12 (timer)"],"Notify on software update":[null,"Meddelelse om softwareopdatering"],"send a message to all enabled notifiers when SickRage has been updated":[null,"Send en besked til alle aktiverede anmeldere, når SickRage er blevet opdateret"],"Options for visual appearance.":[null,"Indstillinger for visuelle udseende."],"Interface Language":[null,"Grænsefladesprog"],"System Language":[null,"Systemsproget"],"for appearance to take effect, save then refresh your browser":[null,"for udseende kan træde i kraft, gemme og derefter opdatere din browser"],"Display theme":[null,"Display tema"],"Dark":[null,"Mørk"],"Light":[null,"Lys"],"Show all seasons":[null,"Vis alle sæsoner"],"on the show summary page":[null,"på siden Vis oversigt"],"Sort with \"The\", \"A\", \"An\"":[null,"Sorter med \"Den\", \"A\", \"En\""],"include articles (\"The\", \"A\", \"An\") when sorting show lists":[null,"omfatter artikler (\"\", \"En\", \"En\") Når sortering vise lister"],"Filter Row":[null,"Filterrække"],"Add a filter row to the show display on the home page":[null,"Føje rækken filter til visningen Vis på startsiden"],"Missed episodes range":[null,"Ubesvarede episoder vifte"],"# of days":[null,"# dage"],"Display fuzzy dates":[null,"Få vist fuzzy datoer"],"move absolute dates into tooltips and display e.g. \"Last Thu\", \"On Tue\"":[null,"flytte absolutte datoer i værktøjstip og vise fx \"sidste Tor\", \"På Tue\""],"Trim zero padding":[null,"Trim nul polstring"],"remove the leading number \"0\" shown on hour of day, and date of month":[null,"fjerne den førende nummer \"0\" vist på time af dagen, og datoen for måned"],"Date style":[null,"Datoformat"],"Use System Default":[null,"Anvend systemets standardvalgte"],"Time style":[null,"Klokkeslætsformat"],"Timezone":[null,"Tidszone"],"Local":[null,"Lokale"],"Network":[null,"Netværk"],"display dates and times in either your timezone or the shows network timezone":[null,"vise datoer og klokkeslæt i enten din tidszone eller viser netværk tidszone"],"NOTE:":[null,"BEMÆRK:"],"Use local timezone to start searching for episodes minutes after show ends (depends on your dailysearch frequency)":[null,"Brug lokale tidszone for at begynde at søge efter episoder minutter efter showet slutter (afhænger af din dailysearch frekvens)"],"Download url":[null,"Download url"],"Show fanart in the background":[null,"Vis fanart i baggrunden"],"Fanart transparency":[null,"Fanart gennemsigtighed"],"Web Interface":[null,"Web-Interface"],"It is recommended that you enable a username and password to secure SickRage from being tampered with remotely.":[null,"Det anbefales, at du aktiverer en username og password hen til sikre SickRage fra at blive manipuleret med fjernt."],"These options require a manual restart to take effect.":[null,"Disse muligheder kræver en manuel genstart kan træde i kraft."],"Enable UPnP":[null,""],"automatically sets up port-forwarding from external IP to SiCKRAGE":[null,""],"HTTP public port":[null,""],"used by UPnP to setup a remote port forwarding to remotely access SiCKRAGE over a public external IP address":[null,""],"HTTP private port":[null,""],"used to access SiCKRAGE over a private internal IP address":[null,""],"HTTP logs":[null,"Http-logfiler"],"enable logs from the internal Tornado web server":[null,"aktivere logfilerne fra den interne Tornado webserver"],"Application API key":[null,""],"used to give 3rd party programs limited access to SiCKRAGE you can try all the features of the API":[null,"bruges til at give 3rd party programmer begrænset adgang til SiCKRAGE kan du prøve alle funktionerne af API"],"here":[null,"Her"],"Listen on IPv6":[null,"Lyt på IPv6"],"attempt binding to any available IPv6 address":[null,"forsøg på binding til enhver tilgængelig IPv6-adresse"],"Enable HTTPS":[null,"Aktivere HTTPS"],"enable access to the web interface using a HTTPS address":[null,"Aktiver adgang til web-interface ved hjælp af en HTTPS-adresse"],"HTTPS certificate":[null,"HTTPS certifikat"],"file name or path to HTTPS certificate":[null,"filnavnet eller stien til HTTPS certifikat"],"HTTPS key":[null,"HTTPS nøgle"],"file name or path to HTTPS key":[null,"filnavnet eller stien til HTTPS nøgle"],"Reverse proxy headers":[null,"Omvendte proxyservicer overskrifter"],"accept the following reverse proxy headers (advanced)...":[null,"acceptere følgende omvendte proxyservicer headere (avanceret)..."],"(X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host, and X-Forwarded-Proto)":[null,"(X-Forwarded-For X-sendt-vært og X-sendt-Proto)"],"Notify on login":[null,"Advisér på login"],"send a message to all enabled notifiers when someone logs into SiCKRAGE from a public IP address":[null,"Send en besked til alle aktiverede anmeldere, når nogen logger ind på SiCKRAGE fra en offentlig IP-adresse"],"CPU throttling":[null,"CPU throttling"],"Anonymous redirect":[null,"Anonym redirect"],"Enable debug":[null,"Aktivere debug"],"Enable debug logs":[null,"Aktivere debug logs"],"Verify SSL Certs":[null,"Kontrollere SSL CERT"],"Verify SSL Certificates (Disable this for broken SSL installs (Like QNAP)":[null,"Bekræft SSL certifikater (deaktivere dette for brudt SSL installerer (som QNAP)"],"No Restart":[null,"Ingen genstart"],"Shutdown SiCKRAGE on restarts (external service must restart SiCKRAGE on its own).":[null,"Lukning af SiCKRAGE på genstarter (ekstern service skal genstarte SiCKRAGE på egen hånd)."],"Encrypt settings":[null,"Kryptere indstillinger"],"in the":[null,"i den"],"file.":[null,"fil."],"Unprotected calendar":[null,"Ubeskyttede kalender"],"allow subscribing to the calendar without user and password. Some services like Google Calendar only work this way":[null,"giver mulighed for tilmelding til kalenderen uden bruger og password. Nogle tjenester som Google kalender kun fungerer på denne måde"],"Google Calendar Icons":[null,"Google kalender ikoner"],"show an icon next to exported calendar events in Google Calendar.":[null,"Vis et ikon ved siden af eksporterede kalenderbegivenheder i Google kalender."],"Link Google Account":[null,"Link Google konto"],"Link":[null,"Link"],"link your google account to SiCKRAGE for advanced feature usage such as settings/database storage":[null,"link din google-konto til SiCKRAGE for avanceret funktion brug såsom indstillinger/database opbevaring"],"Proxy host":[null,"Proxy-vært"],"Use proxy for indexers":[null,"Brug proxy til indeks"],"use proxy host for connecting to indexers (thetvdb)":[null,"Brug proxy host til at forbinde til indeks (thetvdb)"],"Skip Remove Detection":[null,"Spring Fjern påvisning"],"Skip detection of removed files. If disable it will set default deleted status":[null,"Springe påvisning af fjernet filer. Hvis deaktivering det vil placere standard slettet status"],"This may mean SickRage misses renames as well":[null,"Dette kan betyde SickRage Frøknerne omdøber samt"],"Default deleted episode status":[null,"Standardstatus slettet episode"],"Define the status to be set for media file that has been deleted.":[null,"Definere status skal angives for mediefil, der er blevet slettet."],"Archived option will keep previous downloaded quality":[null,"Arkiverede indstilling vil holde tidligere downloadede kvalitet"],"Example: Downloaded (1080p WEB-DL) ==> Archived (1080p WEB-DL)":[null,"Eksempel: Downloadet (1080p WEB-DL) ==> arkiverede (1080p WEB-DL)"],"PIP Settings":[null,"PIP indstillinger"],"PIP executable path":[null,"PIP eksekverbar sti"],"ex: /path/to/pip":[null,"ex: /path/to/pip"],"Click vefify path to test.":[null,"Klik på vefify sti til test."],"GIT Settings":[null,"GIT indstillinger"],"Git Branches":[null,"Git grene"],"GIT Branch Version":[null,"GIT gren Version"],"Error: No branches found.":[null,"Fejl: Ingen grene fundet."],"select branch to use (restart required)":[null,"Vælg filial bruge (Genstart kræves)"],"GIT executable path":[null,"GIT eksekverbar sti"],"ex: /path/to/git":[null,"ex: /path/to/git"],"Git reset":[null,"Git reset"],"removes untracked files and performs a hard reset on git branch automatically to help resolve update issues":[null,"fjerner ikke-sporede filer og udfører en skrap reset på git gren automatisk til at løse problemer vedrørende"],"Git auto-issues submit":[null,"Git auto-spørgsmål Send"],"automatically submit bug/issue reports to our issue tracker when errors are logged":[null,"automatisk indsende bug/issue rapporter til vores problem tracker når fejl logføres"],"SR Version:":[null,"SR Version:"],"SR Commit:":[null,""],"SR Type:":[null,"SR Type:"],"SR User:":[null,"SR bruger:"],"SR Locale:":[null,"SR landestandard:"],"SR Config:":[null,"SR Config:"],"SR Cache Dir:":[null,"SR Cache Dir:"],"SR Log File:":[null,"SR logfilen:"],"SR Arguments:":[null,"SR argumenter:"],"SR Web Root:":[null,"SR-webroden:"],"Tornado Version:":[null,"Tornado Version:"],"Python Version:":[null,"Python Version:"],"Homepage":[null,"Hjemmeside"],"WiKi":[null,"WiKi"],"Forums":[null,"Fora"],"Source":[null,"Kilde"],"IRChat":[null,"IRChat"],"on":[null,"på"],"Home Theater":[null,"Home Theater"],"NAS":[null,"NAS"],"Devices":[null,"Enheder"],"Social":[null,"Sociale"],"A free and open source cross-platform media center and home entertainment system software with a 10-foot user interface designed for the living-room TV.":[null,"En gratis og open source cross-platform media center og home entertainment system-software med en 10-fods brugergrænseflade designet til stuen TV."],"Enable":[null,"Aktiverer"],"send KODI commands?":[null,"Send KODI kommandoer?"],"Always on":[null,"Altid på"],"log errors when unreachable?":[null,"logge fejl når utilgængelig?"],"Notify on snatch":[null,"Advisér på snatch"],"send a notification when a download starts?":[null,"sende en meddelelse, når en download starter?"],"Notify on download":[null,"Advisér på download"],"send a notification when a download finishes?":[null,"sende en meddelelse, når en overførsel er færdig?"],"Notify on subtitle download":[null,"Advisér på undertekster download"],"send a notification when subtitles are downloaded?":[null,"sende en meddelelse, når undertekster er downloadet?"],"Update library":[null,"Opdater bibliotek"],"update KODI library when a download finishes?":[null,"opdatere KODI bibliotek, når download er færdig?"],"Full library update":[null,"Fuld bibliotek opdatering"],"perform a full library update if update per-show fails?":[null,"udføre en fuld bibliotek opdatering mislykkes opdatering per-show?"],"Only update first host":[null,"Kun opdatere første vært"],"only send library updates to the first active host?":[null,"kun sende opdateringer til den første aktive vært?"],"KODI IP:Port":[null,"KODI IP:Port"],"ex.,":[null,"ex.,"],"KODI username":[null,"KODI username"],"blank = no authentication":[null,"Tom = ingen godkendelse"],"KODI password":[null,"KODI adgangskode"],"Click below to test.":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at teste."],"Test KODI":[null,"Test KODI"],"Experience your media on a visually stunning, easy to use interface on your Mac connected to your TV. Your media library has never looked this good!":[null,"Opleve dine medier på en visuelt bedøvelse, nem at bruge interface på din Mac tilsluttet dit TV. Dit mediebibliotek har aldrig set det gode!"],"For sending notifications to Plex Home Theater (PHT) clients, use the KODI notifier with port":[null,"For at sende meddelelser til Plex Home Theater (PHT) klienter, bruge KODI anmelderen med port"],"send Plex commands?":[null,"Send Plex kommandoer?"],"Plex Media Server Auth Token":[null,"Plex Media Server Auth Token"],"Auth Token used by Plex":[null,"Auth Token anvendes af Plex"],"Finding your account token":[null,"At finde din konto token"],"Server Username":[null,"Server Username"],"Server/client password":[null,"Server/klient password"],"Update server library":[null,"Update server bibliotek"],"update Plex Media Server library after download finishes":[null,"opdatere Plex Media Server-bibliotek, når download er fuldført"],"Plex Media Server IP:Port":[null,"Plex Media Server IP:Port"],"ex.,":[null,"ex.,"],"Click below to test Plex servers":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at teste Plex servere"],"Test Plex Server":[null,"Test Plex Server"],"Plex Media Client":[null,"Plex Media Client"],"Plex Client IP:Port":[null,"Plex klient IP:Port"],"ex.,":[null,"ex.,"],"Client Password":[null,"Klient Password"],"Click below to test Plex client(s)":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at teste Plex bygherre(r)"],"Test Plex Client":[null,"Test Plex klient"],"A home media server built using other popular open source technologies.":[null,"En home media server bygget ved hjælp af andre populære open source-teknologier."],"send update commands to Emby?":[null,"Send opdateringskommandoer til Emby?"],"Emby IP:Port":[null,"Emby IP:Port"],"ex.":[null,"ex."],"Emby API Key":[null,"Emby API nøglen"],"Test Emby":[null,"Test Emby"],"The Networked Media Jukebox, or NMJ, is the official media jukebox interface made available for the Popcorn Hour 200-series.":[null,"Networked Media Jukebox eller NMJ, er den officielle medier jukebox grænseflade til rådighed for Popcorn Hour 200-serien."],"send update commands to NMJ?":[null,"Send opdateringskommandoer til NMJ?"],"Popcorn IP address":[null,"Popcorn IP adresse"],"ex.":[null,"ex."],"Get settings":[null,"Hent indstillinger"],"Get Settings":[null,"Hent indstillinger"],"the Popcorn Hour device must be powered on and NMJ running.":[null,"Popcorn Hour enheden skal være tændt og NMJ kører."],"NMJ database":[null,"NMJ database"],"automatically filled via the Get Settings":[null,"udfyldes automatisk via indstillingerne for få"],"NMJ mount url":[null,"NMJ mount url"],"Test NMJ":[null,"Test NMJ"],"The Networked Media Jukebox, or NMJv2, is the official media jukebox interface made available for the Popcorn Hour 300 & 400-series.":[null,"Networked Media Jukebox, eller NMJv2, er den officielle medier jukebox grænseflade gjort tilgængelig for Popcorn Hour 300 & 400-serien."],"send update commands to NMJv2?":[null,"Send opdateringskommandoer til NMJv2?"],"Database location":[null,"Databaseversion og-placering"],"Local Media":[null,"Lokale medier"],"PCH Network Media":[null,"PCH netværksmedier"],"Database instance":[null,"Databaseforekomsten"],"adjust this value if the wrong database is selected.":[null,"Juster denne værdi, hvis den forkerte database er markeret."],"Find database":[null,"Find databasen"],"Find Database":[null,"Find databasen"],"the Popcorn Hour device must be powered on.":[null,"Popcorn Hour enheden skal være tændt."],"NMJv2 database":[null,"NMJv2 database"],"automatically filled via the Find Database":[null,"udfyldes automatisk via Find-databasen"],"Test NMJv2":[null,"Test NMJv2"],"The Synology DiskStation NAS.":[null,"Synology DiskStation NAS."],"Synology Indexer is the daemon running on the Synology NAS to build its media database.":[null,"Synology indekseringen er dæmonen kører på Synology NAS til opbygge dens media-database."],"send Synology notifications?":[null,"Send Synology meddelelser?"],"requires SickRage to be running on your Synology NAS.":[null,"kræver SickRage skal køre på din Synology NAS."],"Notifier":[null,"Anmelderen"],"Synology Notifier is the notification system of Synology DSM":[null,"Synology anmelderen er anmeldelsessystem af Synology DSM"],"send notifications to the Synology Notifier?":[null,"Send meddelelser til Synology anmelderen?"],"requires SickRage to be running on your Synology DSM.":[null,"kræver SickRage skal køre på din Synology DSM."],"pyTivo is both an HMO and GoBack server. This notifier will load the completed downloads to your Tivo.":[null,"pyTivo er både en HMO og GoBack server. Denne anmelder vil indlæse de færdige downloads til din Tivo."],"send notifications to pyTivo?":[null,"Send meddelelser til pyTivo?"],"requires the downloaded files to be accessible by pyTivo.":[null,"kræver de hentede filer skal være tilgængelige ved pyTivo."],"pyTivo IP:Port":[null,"pyTivo IP:Port"],"ex.":[null,"ex."],"pyTivo share name":[null,"pyTivo lod benævne"],"value used in pyTivo Web Configuration to name the share.":[null,"værdien bruges i pyTivo konfiguration af Web til at navngive andelen."],"Tivo name":[null,"TiVo navn"],"(Messages and Settings > Account and System Information > System Information > DVR name)":[null,"(Meddelelser og indstillinger > konto og systemoplysninger > Systemoplysninger > DVR navn)"],"A cross-platform unobtrusive global notification system.":[null,"En cross-platform diskret globale anmeldelsessystem."],"send Growl notifications?":[null,"sende Avle anmeldelser?"],"Growl IP:Port":[null,"Growl IP:Port"],"ex.":[null,"ex."],"Growl password":[null,"Growl adgangskode"],"Click below to rex.ster and test Growl, this is required for Growl notifications to work.":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at rex.ster og test Growl, dette er påkrævet for avle anmeldelser til at arbejde."],"Register Growl":[null,"Registrere Growl"],"A Growl client for iOS.":[null,"En Growl klient til iOS."],"send Prowl notifications?":[null,"Send strejftog meddelelser?"],"Prowl API key":[null,"Strejftog API nøgle"],"get your key at:":[null,"få din nøgle på:"],"Prowl priority":[null,"Strejftog prioritet"],"priority of Prowl messages from SickRage.":[null,"prioritet af strejftog meddelelser fra SickRage."],"Test Prowl":[null,"Test strejftog"],"The standard desktop notification API for Linux/*nix systems. This notifier will only function if the pynotify module is installed":[null,"Standard desktop anmeldelsen API for Linux / * nix systemer. Denne anmelder vil kun fungere, hvis pynotify-modulet er installeret"],"send Libnotify notifications?":[null,"Send Libnotify meddelelser?"],"Test Libnotify":[null,"Test Libnotify"],"Pushover makes it easy to send real-time notifications to your Android and iOS devices.":[null,"Pushover gør det let at sende meddelelser i realtid til din Android og iOS enheder."],"send Pushover notifications?":[null,"Send Pushover meddelelser?"],"Pushover key":[null,"Pushover nøgle"],"user key of your Pushover account":[null,"bruger nøglen af kontoen Pushover"],"Pushover API key":[null,"Pushover API nøgle"],"Click here":[null,"Klik her"],"to create a Pushover API key":[null,"oprette en Pushover API-nøgle"],"Pushover devices":[null,"Pushover enheder"],"ex. device1,device2":[null,"ex. device1, device2"],"Pushover notification sound":[null,"Pushover anmeldelse klang"],"Pushover":[null,"Pushover"],"Bike":[null,"Cykel"],"Bugle":[null,"Læbeløs"],"Cash Register":[null,"Kasseapparat"],"Classical":[null,"Klassisk"],"Cosmic":[null,"Kosmiske"],"Falling":[null,"Faldende"],"Gamelan":[null,"Gamelan"],"Incoming":[null,"Indgående"],"Intermission":[null,"Intermission"],"Magic":[null,"Magic"],"Mechanical":[null,"Mekanisk"],"Piano Bar":[null,"Piano Bar"],"Siren":[null,"Sirene"],"Space Alarm":[null,"Plads Alarm"],"Tug Boat":[null,"Slæbebåd"],"Alien Alarm (long)":[null,"Fremmede Alarm (lang)"],"Climb (long)":[null,"Klatre (lang)"],"Persistent (long)":[null,"Vedvarende (lang)"],"Pushover Echo (long)":[null,"Pushover Echo (lang)"],"Up Down (long)":[null,"Op ned (lang)"],"None (silent)":[null,"Ingen (lydløs)"],"Device specific":[null,"Enhed specifikke"],"Choose notification sound to use":[null,"Vælg anmeldelse klang at bruge"],"Test Pushover":[null,"Test Pushover"],"Read your messages where and when you want them!":[null,"Læs din beskeder hvor og hvornår du vil have dem!"],"send Boxcar2 notifications?":[null,"Send Boxcar2 meddelelser?"],"Boxcar2 access token":[null,"Boxcar2 adgangstoken"],"access token for your Boxcar2 account":[null,"adgangstoken til din Boxcar2 konto"],"Test Boxcar2":[null,"Test Boxcar2"],"Notify My Android is a Prowl-like Android App and API that offers an easy way to send notifications from your application directly to your Android device.":[null,"Meddelelse om min Android er et strejftog-lignende Android App og API, der tilbyder en nem måde at sende meddelelser fra din ansøgning direkte til din Android-enhed."],"send NMA notifications?":[null,"Send NMA meddelelser?"],"NMA API key":[null,"NMA API-nøgle"],"ex. key1,key2 (max 5)":[null,"ex. NØGLE1, nøgle2 (max 5)"],"NMA priority":[null,"NMA prioritet"],"Very Low":[null,"Meget lav"],"Moderate":[null,"Moderat"],"Normal":[null,"Normal"],"High":[null,"Høj"],"Emergency":[null,"Nødsituation"],"priority of NMA messages from SickRage.":[null,"prioritet af NMA meddelelser fra SickRage."],"Test NMA":[null,"Test NMA"],"Pushalot is a platform for receiving custom push notifications to connected devices running Windows Phone or Windows 8.":[null,"Pushalot er en platform for at modtage brugerdefinerede pushbeskeder til tilsluttede enheder, der kører Windows Phone og Windows 8."],"send Pushalot notifications?":[null,"Send Pushalot meddelelser?"],"Pushalot authorization token":[null,"Pushalot tilladelse token"],"authorization token of your Pushalot account.":[null,"tilladelsen token for din Pushalot konto."],"Test Pushalot":[null,"Test Pushalot"],"Pushbullet is a platform for receiving custom push notifications to connected devices running Android and desktop Chrome browsers.":[null,"Pushbullet er en platform for at modtage brugerdefinerede pushbeskeder til tilsluttede enheder, der kører Android og desktop Chrome browsere."],"send Pushbullet notifications?":[null,"Send Pushbullet meddelelser?"],"Pushbullet API key":[null,"Pushbullet API-nøgle"],"API key of your Pushbullet account":[null,"API-nøgle på din Pushbullet konto"],"Pushbullet devices":[null,"Pushbullet enheder"],"select device you wish to push to.":[null,"Vælg enhed, du ønsker at skubbe til."],"Update device list":[null,"Opdater enhedsliste"],"Test Pushbullet":[null,"Test Pushbullet"],"Free Mobile is a famous French cellular network provider.<br> It provides to their customer a free SMS API.":[null,"Gratis mobiltelefon er en berømt fransk cellular netværk provider.<br> det giver til deres kunde en gratis SMS API."],"send SMS notifications?":[null,"sende SMS beskeder?"],"send a SMS when a download starts?":[null,"Send en SMS, når et download starter?"],"send a SMS when a download finishes?":[null,"Send en SMS, når download er færdig?"],"send a SMS when subtitles are downloaded?":[null,"Send en SMS, når undertekster er downloadet?"],"Free Mobile customer ID":[null,"Gratis mobil kunde-ID"],"ex. 12345678":[null,"ex. 12345678"],"Free Mobile API Key":[null,"Gratis mobil API-nøgle"],"enter yourt API key":[null,"Indtast yourt API nøgle"],"Click below to test your settings.":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at teste dine indstillinger."],"Test SMS":[null,"Test SMS"],"Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service":[null,"Telegram er en cloud-baseret instant messaging service"],"send Telegram notifications?":[null,"Send Telegram meddelelser?"],"send a message when a download starts?":[null,"Send en besked, når et download starter?"],"send a message when a download finishes?":[null,"Send en besked, når en overførsel er færdig?"],"send a message when subtitles are downloaded?":[null,"Send en besked, når undertekster er downloadet?"],"User/Group ID":[null,"Bruger/gruppe-ID"],"contact @myidbot on Telegram to get an ID":[null,"Kontakt @myidbot på Telegram at få et ID"],"NOTE":[null,"BEMÆRK"],"Don't forget to talk with your bot at least one time if you get a 403 error.":[null,"Glem ikke at tale med din bot mindst én gang hvis du får en 403 fejl."],"Bot API Key":[null,"Bot API-nøgle"],"contact @BotFather on Telegram to set up one":[null,"Kontakt @BotFather på Telegram til at oprette en"],"Test Telegram":[null,"Test Telegram"],"Twilio is a webservice API that allows you to communicate directly with a mobile number. This notifier will send a text directly to your mobile device.":[null,"Twilio er en webservice API, der giver mulighed for at kommunikere direkte med en mobil nummer. Denne anmelder vil sende en tekst direkte til din mobile enhed."],"text your mobile device?":[null,"tekst din mobilenhed?"],"Twilio Account SID":[null,"Twilio konto SID"],"account SID of your Twilio account.":[null,"konto SID på din Twilio konto."],"Twilio Auth Token":[null,"Twilio Auth Token"],"enter your auth token":[null,"Indtast dit auth token"],"Twilio Phone SID":[null,"Twilio telefon SID"],"phone SID that you would like to send the sms from.":[null,"telefon SID, som du gerne vil sende sms fra."],"Your phone number":[null,"Dit telefonnummer"],"ex. +1-###-###-####":[null,"ex. + 1-###-###-###"],"phone number that will receive the sms.":[null,"telefonnummer, der skal modtage sms."],"Test Twilio":[null,"Test Twilio"],"A social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read other users messages called tweets.":[null,"En sociale netværk og microblogging service, muliggører dens brugernes hen til sende og læse anden brugernes meddelelser kaldes tweets."],"post tweets on Twitter?":[null,"sende tweets på Twitter?"],"you may want to use a secondary account.":[null,"kan du bruge en sekundær konto."],"Send direct message":[null,"Send direkte besked"],"send a notification via Direct Message, not via status update":[null,"sende en meddelelse via direkte besked, ikke via statusopdatering"],"Send DM to":[null,"Send DM til"],"Twitter account to send messages to":[null,"Twitter-konto for at sende beskeder til"],"Step One":[null,"Step One"],"Request Authorization":[null,"Anmode om tilladelse"],"Click the \"Request Authorization\" button.":[null,"Klik på knappen \"Anmode om tilladelse\"."],"This will open a new page containing an auth key.":[null,"Dette vil åbne en ny side, der indeholder en auth nøgle."],"if nothing happens check your popup blocker.":[null,"Hvis intet sker, tjekke din popup blocker."],"Step Two":[null,"Trin to"],"Enter the key Twitter gave you":[null,"Indtast nøglen Twitter gav dig"],"Test Twitter":[null,"Tester Twitter"],"Trakt helps keep a record of what TV shows and movies you are watching. Based on your favorites, trakt recommends additional shows and movies you'll enjoy!":[null,"Trakt hjælper med at holde et referat af hvad TV-shows og film du ser. Baseret på dine favoritter, anbefaler trakt ekstra shows og film du vil nyde!"],"send notifications?":[null,"Send meddelelser?"],"Trakt username":[null,"Trakt username"],"username":[null,"username"],"Trakt PIN":[null,"Trakt PIN"],"authorization PIN code":[null,"tilladelsen PIN-kode"],"Authorize":[null,"Tillade"],"Authorize SiCKRAGE":[null,"Tillade SiCKRAGE"],"API Timeout":[null,"API Timeout"],"Seconds to wait for Trakt API to respond. (Use 0 to wait forever)":[null,"Sekunder til at vente på Trakt API til at reagere. (Brug 0 til at vente for evigt)"],"Default indexer":[null,"Standard indekseringsprogram"],"Sync libraries":[null,"Sync biblioteker"],"sync your SickRage show library with your trakt show library.":[null,"synkronisere biblioteket SickRage show med biblioteket trakt show."],"Remove Episodes From Collection":[null,"Fjerne episoder fra samling"],"Remove an episode from your Trakt collection if it is not in your SickRage library.":[null,"Fjerne en episode fra din Trakt samling, hvis det ikke er i biblioteket SickRage."],"Sync watchlist":[null,"Sync watchlist"],"sync your SickRage show watchlist with your trakt show watchlist (either Show and Episode).":[null,"Synkroniser din SickRage Vis overvågningsliste med din trakt Vis overvågningsliste (enten Vis og Episode)."],"Episode will be added on watch list when wanted or snatched and will be removed when downloaded":[null,"Episode vil blive tilføjet på overvågningsliste når ønskede eller snappede og vil blive fjernet, når downloadet"],"Watchlist add method":[null,"Overvågningsliste tilføje metode"],"Skip All":[null,"Spring alle"],"Download Pilot Only":[null,"Download Pilot kun"],"Get whole show":[null,"Få hele showet"],"method in which to download episodes for new show's.":[null,"metode til at hente episoder til nye show."],"Remove episode":[null,"Fjerne episode"],"remove an episode from your watchlist after it is downloaded.":[null,"fjerne en episode fra din overvågningsliste, når den er downloadet."],"Remove series":[null,"Fjerne serie"],"remove the whole series from your watchlist after any download.":[null,"fjerne hele serien fra din overvågningsliste efter nogen download."],"Remove watched show":[null,"Fjerne sete show"],"remove the show from sickrage if it's ended and completely watched":[null,"fjerne showet fra sickrage, hvis det har endte og helt set"],"Start paused":[null,"Start sat på pause"],"show's grabbed from your trakt watchlist start paused.":[null,"Vis er greb fra din trakt overvågningsliste start sat på pause."],"Trakt blackList name":[null,"Trakt blackliste navn"],"Name(slug) of list on Trakt for blacklisting show on 'Add from Trakt' page":[null,"Name(Slug) af liste på Trakt for sortlistning show på 'Tilføj fra Trakt' side"],"Test Trakt":[null,"Test Trakt"],"Allows configuration of email notifications on a per show basis.":[null,"Tillader konfiguration af e-mail-meddelelser på basis af pr. show."],"send email notifications?":[null,"sende e-mail-meddelelser?"],"SMTP host":[null,"SMTP-værten"],"SMTP server address":[null,"SMTP serveradresse"],"SMTP port":[null,"SMTP-port"],"SMTP server port number":[null,"SMTP server portnummer"],"SMTP from":[null,"SMTP fra"],"sender email address":[null,"afsenderens e-mail-adresse"],"Use TLS":[null,"Brug TLS"],"check to use TLS encryption.":[null,"Check at bruge TLS-kryptering."],"SMTP user":[null,"SMTP bruger"],"optional":[null,"valgfri"],"SMTP password":[null,"SMTP-adgangskode"],"Global email list":[null,"Global e-mail-liste"],"all emails here receive notifications for":[null,"alle e-mails her modtage beskeder om"],"all":[null,"alle"],"shows.":[null,"viser."],"Show notification list":[null,"Vis meddelelse liste"],"Select a Show":[null,"Vælg en vis"],"configure per show notifications here.":[null,"konfigurere pr. show anmeldelser her."],"configure per-show notifications here by entering email addresses, separated by commas, after selecting a show in the drop-down box. Be sure to activate the Save for this show button below after each entry.":[null,"konfigurere pr. Vis meddelelser her ved at indtaste e-mail-adresser, adskilt af kommaer, når du har valgt et show i drop-down boks. Sørg for at aktivere Gem til denne Vis knappen nedenfor efter hver post."],"Save for this show":[null,"Gem til dette show"],"Test Email":[null,"Test E-mail"],"Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.":[null,"Slæk samler al din kommunikation ét sted. Det er real-time messaging, arkivering og søgning efter moderne hold."],"send slack notifications?":[null,"Send slæk meddelelser?"],"Slack Incoming Webhook":[null,"Slack indgående Webhook"],"Slack webhook":[null,"Slack webhook"],"Test Slack":[null,"Test slæk"],"All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.":[null,"Alt-i-én stemme og tekst chat til gamere, der er gratis, sikker, og fungerer på både skrivebordet og telefon."],"send discord notifications?":[null,"Send splid meddelelser?"],"Discord Incoming Webhook":[null,"Uenighed indgående Webhook"],"Discord webhook":[null,"Splid webhook"],"Create webhook under channel settings.":[null,"Oprette webhook under Kanalindstillinger for."],"Discord Bot Name":[null,"Uenighed Bot navn"],"Blank will use webhook default name.":[null,"Tom vil bruge webhook standardnavnet."],"Discord Avatar URL":[null,"Uenighed Avatar URL"],"Blank will use webhook default avatar.":[null,"Tom vil bruge webhook standard avatar."],"Discord TTS":[null,"Uenighed TTS"],"Send notifications using text-to-speech.":[null,"Sende meddelelser ved hjælp af tekst til tale."],"Test Discord":[null,"Test uenighed"],"Post-Processing":[null,"Efterbehandling"],"Episode Naming":[null,"Episode navngivning"],"Metadata":[null,"Metadata"],"Settings that dictate how SickRage should process completed downloads.":[null,"Indstillinger, der dikterer, hvordan SickRage skal behandle afsluttede downloads."],"Enable the automatic post processor to scan and process any files in your":[null,"Aktiverer automatisk post processor til at scanne og behandle alle filer i din"],"Post Processing Dir":[null,"Bogføre forarbejdning Dir"],"Do not use if you use an external PostProcessing script":[null,"Brug ikke hvis du bruger en ekstern efterbehandling script"],"The folder where your download client puts the completed TV downloads.":[null,"Den mappe, hvor din download klient sætter den færdige TV downloads."],"Please use seperate downloading and completed folders in your download client if possible.":[null,"Skal du bruge separate downloade og udfyldte mapper i din download klient hvis det er muligt."],"Processing Method:":[null,"Forarbejdningsmetode:"],"Copy":[null,"Kopi"],"Move":[null,"Flytte"],"Hard Link":[null,"Skrap samkøre"],"Symbolic Link":[null,"Symbolsk samkøre"],"Symbolic Link Reversed":[null,"Symbolsk samkøre vendt"],"What method should be used to put files into the library?":[null,"Hvilken metode bør anvendes til at sætte filer i biblioteket?"],"If you keep seeding torrents after they finish, please avoid the 'move' processing method to prevent errors.":[null,"Hvis du holde såning torrents, når de er færdig, skal du undgå 'move' behandling metode til at forhindre fejl."],"Auto Post-Processing Frequency":[null,"Auto post-processing frekvens"],"Postpone post processing":[null,"Udskyde efterbehandling"],"Wait to process a folder if sync files are present.":[null,"Vente med at behandle en mappe, hvis synkronisere filer er til stede."],"Sync File Extensions to Ignore":[null,"Sync fil Extensions at ignorere"],"ext1,ext2":[null,"EXT1, ext2"],"Rename Episodes":[null,"Omdøbe episoder"],"Rename episode using the Episode":[null,"Omdøbe episode ved hjælp af episoden"],"Naming settings?":[null,"Navngivning indstillinger?"],"Create missing show directories":[null,"Opret manglende Vis mapper"],"when they get deleted":[null,"når de få slettet"],"Add shows without directory":[null,"Tilføje viser uden bibliotek"],"Add shows without creating a":[null,"Tilføje viser uden at skabe en"],"directory (not recommended)":[null,"Register (ikke anbefalet)"],"Move Associated Files":[null,"Flytte tilknyttede filer"],"Move srr/srt/sfv/etc files with the":[null,"Flytte srr/srt/sfv/etc filer med den"],"episode when processed?":[null,"Episode når behandlet?"],"Rename .nfo file":[null,"Omdøbe .nfo-fil"],"Rename the original .nfo file to":[null,"Omdøbe den oprindelige .nfo-fil til"],".nfo-orig to avoid conflicts?":[null,".NFO-orig at undgå konflikter?"],"Associated file extensions":[null,""],"comma separated list of associated file extensions SickRage should keep while post processing.":[null,""],"leaving it empty means no associated files will be post processed":[null,""],"Delete non associated files":[null,""],"delete non associated files while post processing?":[null,""],"Change File Date":[null,"Skift fildato"],"Set last modified filedate to the date that the episode aired?":[null,"Sæt sidst ændret filedate til den dato, hvor episoden blev sendt?"],"Some systems may ignore this feature.":[null,"Nogle systemer kan ignorere denne funktion."],"Timezone for File Date:":[null,"Tidszone for fildato:"],"Unpack":[null,"Pak"],"Unpack any TV releases in your":[null,"Pak alle TV udgivelser i din"],"TV Download Dir":[null,"TV Download Dir"],"Only works with RAR archives":[null,""],"Unpack Directory":[null,""],"Choose a path to unpack files, leave blank to unpack in download dir":[null,""],"Delete RAR contents":[null,"Slette RAR indhold"],"Delete content of RAR files, even if Process Method not set to move?":[null,"Slet indholdet af RAR filer, selvom processen metode ikke er indstillet til at flytte?"],"Don't delete empty folders":[null,"Ikke slette tomme mapper"],"Leave empty folders when Post Processing?":[null,"Efterlade tomme mapper når efterbehandling?"],"Can be overridden using manual Post Processing":[null,"Kan tilsidesættes ved hjælp af manuel efterbehandling"],"Follow symbolic-links":[null,""],"warning":[null,""],"EXPERTS ONLY.":[null,""],"Enable only if you know what <b>circular symbolic links</b> are,<br/>and can <b>verify that you have none</b>.":[null,""],"Delete Failed":[null,"Sletning mislykkedes"],"Delete files left over from a failed download?":[null,"Slette filer tilovers fra en mislykket download?"],"Extra Scripts":[null,"Ekstra Scripts"],"See":[null,"Se"],"Wiki":[null,"Wiki"],"for script arguments description and usage.":[null,"for script argumenter beskrivelse og skik."],"How SickRage will name and sort your episodes.":[null,"Hvordan vil SickRage navn og sortere dine episoder."],"Name Pattern:":[null,"Navnet mønster:"],"Don't forget to add quality pattern. Otherwise after post-processing the episode will have UNKNOWN quality":[null,"Glem ikke at tilføje kvalitet mønster. Ellers efter post-processing episoden vil have ukendt kvalitet"],"Meaning":[null,"Betydning"],"Pattern":[null,"Mønster"],"Result":[null,"Resultat"],"Use lower case if you want lower case names (eg. %sn, %e.n, %q_n etc)":[null,"Brug små bogstaver, hvis du ønsker små bogstaver navne (f.eks. %sn, %e.n, %q_n osv)"],"Show Name:":[null,"Vis navn:"],"Show Name":[null,"Vis navn"],"Show.Name":[null,"Show.Name"],"Show_Name":[null,"Show_Name"],"Season Number:":[null,"Sæson nummer:"],"XEM Season Number:":[null,"Xem-sæson nummer:"],"Episode Number:":[null,"Episode nummeret:"],"XEM Episode Number:":[null,"Xem-Episode nummer:"],"Episode Name:":[null,"Episode navn:"],"Episode Name":[null,"Episode navn"],"Episode.Name":[null,"Episode.Name"],"Episode_Name":[null,"Episode_Name"],"Quality:":[null,"Kvalitet:"],"Scene Quality:":[null,"Scene kvalitet:"],"720p HDTV x264":[null,"720p HDTV x264"],"720p.HDTV.x264":[null,"720p. HDTV.x264"],"720p_HDTV_x264":[null,"720p_HDTV_x264"],"Release Name:":[null,"Udgivelsens navn:"],"Show.Name.S02E03.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP":[null,"Show.Name.S02E03.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP"],"Release Group:":[null,"Release Group:"],"Release Type:":[null,"Release Type:"],"Multi-Episode Style:":[null,"Multi Episode stil:"],"Single-EP Sample:":[null,"Single-EP prøve:"],"Multi-EP sample:":[null,"Multi-EP prøve:"],"Strip Show Year":[null,"Strip Show år"],"Remove the TV show's year when renaming the file?":[null,"Fjerne TV-show år når du omdøber filen?"],"Only applies to shows that have year inside parentheses":[null,"Gælder kun for viser, at har år inde i parentes"],"Custom Air-By-Date":[null,"Custom Air-af-dato"],"Name Air-By-Date shows differently than regular shows?":[null,"Navnet luft-af-dato viser anderledes end regelmæssige shows?"],"Air-by-date Name Pattern:":[null,"Air-af-dato navn mønster:"],"Regular Air Date:":[null,"Almindelig luft dato:"],"Year:":[null,"År:"],"Month:":[null,"Måned:"],"Day:":[null,"Dag:"],"Show.Name.2010.03.09.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP":[null,"Show.Name.2010.03.09.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP"],"Air-by-date Sample:":[null,"Air-af-dato prøve:"],"Custom Sports":[null,"Brugerdefineret Sports"],"Name Sports shows differently than regular shows?":[null,"Navnet Sports viser anderledes end regelmæssige shows?"],"Sports Name Pattern:":[null,"Sports navn mønster:"],"Custom...":[null,"Custom..."],"Sports Air Date:":[null,"Sport luft dato:"],"Mar":[null,"Mar"],"Show.Name.9th.Mar.2011.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP":[null,"Show.Name.9th.Mar.2011.HDTV.XviD-RLSGROUP"],"Sports Sample:":[null,"Sport prøve:"],"Custom Anime":[null,"Brugerdefinerede Anime"],"Name Anime shows differently than regular shows?":[null,"Navnet Anime viser anderledes end regelmæssige shows?"],"Anime Name Pattern:":[null,"Anime navn mønster:"],"Single-EP Anime Sample:":[null,"Single-EP Anime prøve:"],"Multi-EP Anime sample:":[null,"Multi-EP Anime prøve:"],"Add Absolute Number":[null,"Tilføje absolutte antal"],"Add the absolute number to the season/episode format?":[null,"Tilføje den absolutte tal til formatet sæson/episode?"],"Only applies to animes. (eg. S15E45 - 310 vs S15E45)":[null,"Gælder kun for animes. (f.eks. S15E45 - 310 vs S15E45)"],"Only Absolute Number":[null,"Kun absolutte antal"],"Replace season/episode format with absolute number":[null,"Erstatte sæson/episode format med absolutte tal"],"Only applies to animes.":[null,"Gælder kun for animes."],"No Absolute Number":[null,"Ingen absolutte antal"],"Dont include the absolute number":[null,"Dont omfatter det absolutte antal"],"The data associated to the data. These are files associated to a TV show in the form of images and text that, when supported, will enhance the viewing experience.":[null,"De data, der er forbundet til data. Disse er forbundet til et TV-show i form af billeder og tekst-filer, når understøttes, vil forøge oplevelsen."],"Metadata Type:":[null,"Metadata Type:"],"Toggle the metadata options that you wish to be created.":[null,"Skifte indstillingerne metadata, som du ønsker at blive oprettet."],"Multiple targets may be used.":[null,"Flere mål kan anvendes."],"Select Metadata":[null,"Vælg Metadata"],"Show Metadata":[null,"Vis Metadata"],"Episode Metadata":[null,"Episode Metadata"],"Show Fanart":[null,"Vis Fanart"],"Show Poster":[null,"Vis plakat"],"Show Banner":[null,"Vise Banner"],"Episode Thumbnails":[null,"Episode miniaturer"],"Season Posters":[null,"Sæson plakater"],"Season Banners":[null,"Sæson bannere"],"Season All Poster":[null,"Sæson alle plakat"],"Season All Banner":[null,"Sæson alle Banner"],"Provider Priorities":[null,"Udbyder prioriteter"],"Provider Options":[null,"Udbyder indstillinger"],"Custom Newznab Providers":[null,"Brugerdefinerede Newznab udbydere"],"Custom Torrent Providers":[null,"Brugerdefinerede Torrent udbydere"],"Check off and drag the providers into the order you want them to be used.":[null,"Check ud og trække udbyderne til den rækkefølge, du vil have dem til at blive brugt."],"At least one provider is required but two are recommended.":[null,"Mindst én udbyder er nødvendig men to anbefales."],"NZB/Torrent providers can be toggled in":[null,"NZB/Torrent udbydere kan slås i"],"Search Clients":[null,"Søg blandt klienter"],"Provider does not support backlog searches at this time.":[null,"Provideren understøtter ikke puklen søgninger på dette tidspunkt."],"Provider is <b>NOT WORKING</b>.":[null,"Udbyder er <b>NOT WORKING</b>."],"Configure individual provider settings here.":[null,"Konfigurere individuelle udbyder indstillinger her."],"Check with provider's website on how to obtain an API key if needed.":[null,"Check med udbyderens hjemmeside om hvordan du får en API-nøgle, hvis nødvendigt."],"Configure provider:":[null,"Konfigurere udbyder:"],"API key:":[null,"API-nøgle:"],"Enable daily searches":[null,"Aktivere daglige søgninger"],"enable provider to perform daily searches.":[null,"Aktiver udbyder til at udføre daglige søgninger."],"Enable backlog searches":[null,"Aktivere puklen søgninger"],"enable provider to perform backlog searches.":[null,"Aktiver udbyder til at udføre puklen søgninger."],"Search mode fallback":[null,"Søgetilstand fallback"],"when searching for a complete season depending on search mode you may <br/>return no results, this helps by restarting the search using the opposite <br/>search mode.":[null,""],"Season search mode":[null,"Sæson søgefunktionen"],"season packs only.":[null,"sæson packs kun."],"episodes only.":[null,"episoder kun."],"when searching for complete seasons you can choose to have it look for":[null,""],"season packs only, or choose to have it build a complete season from just":[null,""],"single episodes.":[null,""],"Username:":[null,"Brugernavn:"],"when searching for a complete season depending on search mode you may return no results, this helps by restarting the search using the opposite search mode.":[null,"Når søger en komplet sæson afhængigt af søgefunktionen du kan returnere ingen resultater, hjælper dette ved at genstarte søgningen ved hjælp af den modsatte søgefunktionen."],"when searching for complete seasons you can choose to have it look for season packs only, or choose to have it build a complete season from just single episodes.":[null,"Når du søger efter komplet sæsoner kan du har det ser for sæson packs kun, eller vælge at lade det opbygge en komplet sæson fra bare enkelt episoder."],"Custom URL:":[null,"Brugerdefineret URL-adresse:"],"Api key:":[null,"API-nøgle:"],"Digest:":[null,"Fordøje:"],"Hash:":[null,"Hash:"],"Password:":[null,"Adgangskode:"],"Passkey:":[null,"Adgangsnøgle:"],"Cookies:":[null,"Cookies:"],"this provider requires the following cookies: ":[null,"denne provider kræver følgende cookies: "],"Pin:":[null,"Pinkode:"],"Provider PIN#":[null,""],"Seed ratio:":[null,"Frø forholdet:"],"stop transfer when ratio is reached (-1 SickRage default to seed forever, or leave blank for downloader default)":[null,""],"Minimum seeders:":[null,"Minimum sæd:"],"Minimum allowed seeders":[null,""],"Minimum leechers:":[null,"Minimum leechers:"],"Minimum allowed leechers":[null,""],"Confirmed download":[null,"Bekræftet download"],"only download torrents from trusted or verified uploaders?":[null,"kun hente torrents fra betroede eller verificerede uploadere?"],"Ranked torrents":[null,"Rangeret torrents"],"only download ranked torrents (internal releases)":[null,"kun download rangeret torrents (interne udgivelser)"],"English torrents":[null,"Dansk torrents"],"only download english torrents ,or torrents containing english subtitles":[null,"kun download engelsk torrents eller torrents der indeholder engelske undertekster"],"For Spanish torrents":[null,"For spanske torrents"],"ONLY search on this provider if show info is defined as \"Spanish\" (avoid provider's use for VOS shows)":[null,"KUN søge på denne provider Hvis Vis info er defineret som \"Spansk\" (undgå udbyderens brug for VOS viser)"],"Sort results by":[null,"Sortere resultaterne af"],"Freeleech":[null,"FreeLeech"],"only download":[null,"Hent kun"],"FreeLeech":[null,"FreeLeech"],"torrents.":[null,"torrents."],"Reject Blu-ray M2TS releases":[null,"Afvise Blu-ray M2TS udgivelser"],"enable to ignore Blu-ray MPEG-2 Transport Stream container releases":[null,"gøre det muligt for at ignorere Blu-ray MPEG-2 Transport Stream container udgivelser"],"Category:":[null,"Kategori:"],"select torrent with Italian subtitle":[null,"Vælg torrent med italienske undertitel"],"Configure Custom":[null,"Konfigurere brugerdefinerede"],"Newznab Providers":[null,"Newznab udbydere"],"Add and setup or remove custom Newznab providers.":[null,"Tilføje og setup eller fjerne brugerdefinerede Newznab udbydere."],"Select provider:":[null,"Vælg udbyder:"],"add new provider":[null,"tilføje nye udbyder"],"Provider name:":[null,"Navn på udbyder:"],"Site URL:":[null,"Webadresse:"],"Newznab search categories:":[null,"Newznab ransage kategorier:"],"(select your Newznab categories on the left, and click the \"update categories\" button to use them for searching.)":[null,"(Vælg din Newznab kategorier til venstre, og klik på knappen \"Opdater kategorier\" at bruge dem til søgning.)"],"Don't forget to save changes!":[null,"Glem ikke at gemme ændringer!"],"Update Categories":[null,"Opdatere kategorier"],"Add":[null,"Tilføje"],"Delete":[null,"Slet"],"Configure Custom Torrent Providers":[null,"Konfigurere brugerdefinerede Torrent udbydere"],"Add and setup or remove custom RSS providers.":[null,"Tilføje og setup eller fjerne brugerdefinerede RSS-udbydere."],"RSS URL:":[null,"RSS-URL:"],"ex. uid=xx;pass=yy":[null,"ex. uid = xx; pass = åå"],"Search element:":[null,"Search-element:"],"ex. title":[null,"ex. titel"],"Quality Sizes":[null,"Kvalitet størrelser"],"Use default qualitiy sizes or specify custom ones per quality definition.":[null,"Bruge standard kvalitet størrelser eller angive brugerdefinerede dem pr. kvalitet definition."],"Settings represent maximum size allowed per episode video file.":[null,"Indstillinger repræsenterer tilladte maksimumstørrelse per episode video fil."],"Search Settings":[null,"Søgeindstillinger"],"NZB Clients":[null,"NZB klienter"],"Torrent Clients":[null,"Torrent klienter"],"How to manage searching with":[null,"Sådan håndteres indgående med"],"providers":[null,"udbydere"],"Randomize Providers":[null,"Randomisere udbydere"],"randomize the provider search order":[null,"randomisere søgerækkefølgen udbyder"],"Download propers":[null,"Download propers"],"replace original download with \"Proper\" or \"Repack\" if nuked":[null,"erstatte originale download med \"Rigtige\" eller \"Pakke\", hvis nuked"],"Enable provider RSS cache":[null,"Aktivere udbyder RSS-cache"],"enables/disables provider RSS feed caching":[null,"aktiverer/deaktiverer udbyder RSS feed, cachelagring"],"Enable provider RSS cache for valid shows only":[null,"Aktivere udbyder RSS-cache for gyldig viser kun"],"enables/disables caching of shows already added to SiCKRAGE, speeds up searches":[null,"aktiverer/deaktiverer cachelagring af viser allerede føjet til SiCKRAGE, fremskynder søgninger"],"Download UNVERIFIED torrent magnet links":[null,""],"enables/disables downloading of unverified torrent magnet links via clients":[null,""],"Convert provider torrent file links to magnetic links":[null,"Konverter udbyder torrent fil links til magnetiske links"],"enables/disables converting of public torrent provider file links to magnetic links":[null,"aktiverer/deaktiverer konvertering af offentlig torrent udbyder fil links til magnetiske links"],"Enable failed snatch handling":[null,""],"enables/disables failed snatch handling, automatically retries failed snatches":[null,""],"Check for failed snatches aged":[null,""],"Check propers every:":[null,"Check propers hver:"],"24 hours":[null,"24 timer"],"4 hours":[null,"4 timer"],"90 mins":[null,"90 minutter"],"45 mins":[null,"45 minutter"],"15 mins":[null,"15 min"],"Backlog search frequency":[null,"Puklen Søg frekvens"],"time in minutes":[null,"tid i minutter"],"Daily search frequency":[null,"Søg dagligt"],"Usenet retention":[null,"Usenet opbevaring"],"Ignore words":[null,"Ignorer ord"],"ex. word1,word2,word3":[null,"ex. word1, word2, ord 3"],"Require words":[null,"Kræve ord"],"Ignore language names in subbed results":[null,"Ignorere sprog navne i subbed resultater"],"ex. lang1,lang2,lang3":[null,"ex. lang1, lang2, lang3"],"Allow high priority":[null,"Give høj prioritet"],"Set downloads of recently aired episodes to high priority":[null,"Sæt downloads af seneste luftet episoder med høj prioritet"],"How to handle NZB search results for clients.":[null,"Hvordan til at håndtere NZB søgeresultater for klienter."],"enable NZB searches":[null,"aktivere NZB søgninger"],"Send .nzb files to:":[null,"Send .nzb filer til:"],"Black hole folder location":[null,"Sort hul mappeplacering."],"files are stored at this location for external software to find and use":[null,"filer gemmes på denne placering for eksterne software til at finde og bruge"],"SABnzbd server URL":[null,"SABnzbd server URL"],"ex. http://localhost:8080/":[null,"ex. localhost8080: /"],"SABnzbd username":[null,"SABnzbd username"],"SABnzbd password":[null,"SABnzbd adgangskode"],"SABnzbd API key":[null,"SABnzbd API-nøgle"],"Use SABnzbd category":[null,"Brug SABnzbd kategori"],"ex. TV":[null,"ex. TV"],"Use SABnzbd category (backlog episodes)":[null,"Brug SABnzbd kategori (puklen episoder)"],"Use SABnzbd category for anime":[null,"Brug SABnzbd kategori for anime"],"ex. anime":[null,"ex. anime"],"Use SABnzbd category for anime (backlog episodes)":[null,"Brug SABnzbd kategori for anime (puklen episoder)"],"Use forced priority":[null,"Bruge tvungen prioritet"],"enable to change priority from HIGH to FORCED":[null,"gøre det muligt for at ændre prioritet fra høj til tvungen"],"Connect using HTTPS":[null,"Opret forbindelse med HTTPS"],"enable secure control":[null,"aktivere sikker styring"],"NZBget host:port":[null,"NZBget vært: port"],"ex. localhost:6789":[null,"ex. localhost:6789"],"NZBget username":[null,"NZBget username"],"default = nzbget":[null,"standard = nzbget"],"NZBget password":[null,"NZBget adgangskode"],"default = tegbzn6789":[null,"standard = tegbzn6789"],"Use NZBget category":[null,"Brug NZBget kategori"],"Use NZBget category (backlog episodes)":[null,"Brug NZBget kategori (puklen episoder)"],"Use NZBget category for anime":[null,"Brug NZBget kategori for anime"],"Use NZBget category for anime (backlog episodes)":[null,"Brug NZBget kategori for anime (puklen episoder)"],"NZBget priority":[null,"NZBget prioritet"],"Very low":[null,"Meget lav"],"Low":[null,"Lav"],"Very high":[null,"Meget høj"],"Force":[null,"Kraft"],"Click below to test":[null,"Klik nedenfor for at teste"],"Test SABnzbd":[null,"Test SABnzbd"],"How to handle Torrent search results for clients.":[null,"Hvordan til at håndtere Torrent ransage resultater for klienter."],"Enable torrent searches":[null,"Aktivere torrent søgninger"],"Send .torrent files to:":[null,"Send .torrent filer til:"],"Torrent host:port":[null,"Torrent vært: port"],"ex. http://localhost:8000/":[null,"ex. http://localhost:8000 /"],"Torrent RPC URL":[null,"Torrent RPC-URL"],"ex. transmission":[null,"ex. transmission"],"HTTP Authentication":[null,"Http-godkendelse"],"None":[null,"Ingen"],"Basic":[null,"Grundlæggende"],"Digest":[null,"Digest"],"Verify certificate":[null,"Kontroller certifikat"],"disable if you get \"Deluge: Authentication Error\" in your log":[null,"Deaktiver, hvis du får \"Syndfloden: godkendelsesfejl\" i din log"],"Verify SSL certificates for HTTPS requests":[null,"Bekræft SSL certifikater for HTTPS-anmodninger"],"Client username":[null,"Klienten username"],"Client password":[null,"Klient password"],"Add label to torrent":[null,"Føje etiketter til torrent"],"blank spaces are not allowed":[null,"blanktegn er ikke tilladt"],"Add anime label to torrent":[null,"Tilføje anime etiket til torrent"],"Downloaded files location":[null,"Downloadede filer placering"],"where the torrent client will save downloaded files (blank for client default)":[null,"hvor torrent-klienten vil gemme downloadet filer (tom for klient standard)"],"the destination has to be a shared folder for Synology DS":[null,"destinationen har at være en delt mappe til Synology DS"],"Start torrent paused":[null,"Start torrent standset"],"add .torrent to client but do <b>not</b> start downloading":[null,"tilføje .torrent til kunden men gøre <b>not</b> opståen downloadet"],"Allow high bandwidth":[null,"Give høj båndbredde"],"use high bandwidth allocation if priority is high":[null,"bruge høj båndbredde tildeling, hvis prioritet er høj"],"Test Connection":[null,"Prøvetilslutningen"],"Subtitles Search":[null,"Undertekster søgning"],"Subtitles Plugin":[null,"Undertekster Plugin"],"Plugin Settings":[null,"Plugin indstillinger"],"Settings that dictate how SickRage handles subtitles search results.":[null,"Indstillinger, der dikterer, hvordan SickRage håndterer undertekster søgeresultater."],"Search Subtitles":[null,"Søg efter undertekster"],"Subtitle Languages":[null,"Undertekstsprog"],"Subtitles History":[null,"Undertekster historie"],"Log downloaded Subtitle on History page?":[null,"Log downloadet undertitel på historie side?"],"Subtitles Multi-Language":[null,"Undertekster multi sprog"],"Append language codes to subtitle filenames?":[null,"Føj sprogkoder til at tekste filnavne?"],"Embedded Subtitles":[null,"Integrerede undertekster"],"Ignore subtitles embedded inside video file?":[null,"Ignorere undertekster indlejret inde i videofil?"],"Warning:":[null,"Advarsel:"],"this will ignore <u>all</u> embedded subtitles for every video file!":[null,"Dette vil ignorere <u>all</u> indlejret undertekster for hver video fil!"],"Hearing Impaired Subtitles":[null,"Hørehæmmede undertekster"],"Download hearing impaired style subtitles?":[null,"Download hørehæmmede stil undertekster?"],"Subtitle Directory":[null,"Undertitel Register"],"The directory where SickRage should store your":[null,"Den mappe, hvor SickRage skal gemme din"],"Subtitles":[null,"Undertekster"],"files.":[null,"filer."],"Leave empty if you want store subtitle in episode path.":[null,"Lad være tomt, hvis du vil gemme undertitel i episode sti."],"Subtitle Find Frequency":[null,"Undertitel Find frekvens"],"for a script arguments description.":[null,"en script argumenter beskrivelse."],"Additional scripts separated by":[null,"Yderligere scripts adskilt af"],"Scripts are called after each episode has searched and downloaded subtitles.":[null,"Scripts kaldes efter hver episode har søgt og downloadet subtitles."],"For any scripted languages, include the interpreter executable before the script. See the following example:":[null,"For enhver scriptbaserede sprog, omfatte tolk eksekverbare før scriptet. Se følgende eksempel:"],"For Windows:":[null,"Windows:"],"For Linux:":[null,"Til Linux:"],"Subtitle Plugins":[null,"Undertitel Plugins"],"Check off and drag the plugins into the order you want them to be used.":[null,"Check ud og trække plugins til den rækkefølge, du vil have dem til at blive brugt."],"At least one plugin is required.":[null,"Der kræves mindst én plugin."],"Web-scraping plugin":[null,"Web skrabning plugin"],"Subtitle Settings":[null,"Indstillinger for undertekster"],"Set user and password for each provider":[null,"Sæt bruger og password for hver udbyder"],"User Name":[null,"Brugernavn"],"You have reached this page by accident, please check the url.":[null,"Du har nået denne side ved et uheld, tjek venligst URL'en."],"A mako error has occured.":[null,"Der opstod en mako."],"If this happened during an update a simple page refresh may be the solution.":[null,"Hvis dette skete under en opdatering, en simpel side opdateringshastighed kan være løsningen."],"Mako errors that happen during updates may be a one time error if there were significant ui changes.":[null,"Mako fejl, der sker under opdateringerne kan være en én gang fejl hvis der var betydelige ui ændres."],"Show/Hide Error":[null,"Vise/skjule fejl"],"File":[null,"Fil"],"in":[null,"i"],"Add Existing Show":[null,"Tilføj eksisterende Show"],"Manage Directories":[null,"Administrer mapper"],"Customize Options":[null,"Tilpasse indstillinger"],"SiCKRAGE can add existing shows, using the current options, by using locally stored NFO/XML metadata to eliminate user interaction. If you would rather have SickRage prompt you to customize each show, then use the checkbox below.":[null,"SiCKRAGE kan tilføje eksisterende shows, ved hjælp af de aktuelle indstillinger ved hjælp af lokalt gemte NFO/XML-metadata til at eliminere brugerinteraktion. Hvis du hellere vil have SickRage bede dig om at tilpasse hvert show, derefter bruge afkrydsningsfeltet nedenfor."],"Prompt me to set settings for each show":[null,"Bedt om at angive indstillinger for hvert show"],"Displaying folders within these directories which aren't already added to SiCKRAGE:":[null,"Viser mapper inden for disse mapper, som ikke er allerede føjet til SiCKRAGE:"],"Submit":[null,"Indsende"],"Add New Show":[null,"Tilføje nye Show"],"For shows that you haven't downloaded yet, this option finds a show on, creates a directory for it's episodes and adds it.":[null,"For viser, at du ikke har hentet endnu, denne indstilling finder et show på, opretter en mappe, for det er episoder og tilføjer det."],"Add from Trakt":[null,"Tilføje fra Trakt"],"For shows that you haven't downloaded yet, this option lets you choose a show from one of the Trakt lists to add to SiCKRAGE.":[null,"For viser, at du ikke har hentet endnu, kan med denne indstilling du vælge en vis fra en af listerne Trakt føje til SiCKRAGE."],"Add from IMDB":[null,"Tilføje fra IMDB"],"View IMDB's list of the most popular shows. This feature uses IMDB's MOVIEMeter algorithm to identify popular TV Series.":[null,"Se IMDBS liste over de mest populære shows. Denne funktion bruger IMDB'S MOVIEMeter algoritme til at identificere populære TV-serie."],"Add Existing Shows":[null,"Tilføj eksisterende viser"],"Use this option to add shows that already have a folder created on your hard drive. SickRage will scan your existing metadata/episodes and add the show accordingly.":[null,"Brug denne indstilling til at tilføje viser, at der allerede har en mappe, oprettet på din harddisk. SickRage vil scanne din eksisterende metadata/episoder og tilføje showet i overensstemmelse hermed."],"Display Specials:":[null,"Få vist tilbud:"],"Season:":[null,"Sæson:"],"Rating:":[null,"Rating:"],"Show Status:":[null,"Vis Status:"],"Originally Airs:":[null,"Oprindeligt Airs:"],"Start Year:":[null,"Start år:"],"Runtime:":[null,"Runtime:"],"minutes":[null,"minutter"],"Info Sites:":[null,"Info Sites:"],"Genre:":[null,"Genre:"],"Default EP Status:":[null,"Standard EP Status:"],"Location:":[null,"Beliggenhed:"],"Missing":[null,"Mangler"],"Size:":[null,"Størrelse:"],"Scene Name:":[null,"Scenenavn:"],"Search Delay:":[null,""],"Required Words:":[null,"Kræves ord:"],"Ignored Words:":[null,"Ignorerede ord:"],"Wanted Group":[null,"Ønskede gruppe"],"Unwanted Group":[null,"Uønskede gruppe"],"Info Language:":[null,"Info sprog:"],"Subtitles:":[null,"Undertekster:"],"Subtitles Metadata:":[null,"Undertekster Metadata:"],"Season Folders:":[null,"Sæson mapper:"],"Paused:":[null,"Pause:"],"Air-by-Date:":[null,"Air-af-dato:"],"Sports:":[null,"Sport:"],"Anime:":[null,"Anime:"],"DVD Order:":[null,"DVD Bestil:"],"Scene Numbering:":[null,"Scene nummerering:"],"Skip Downloaded:":[null,""],"Missed:":[null,"Ubesvarede:"],"Wanted:":[null,"Wanted:"],"Low Quality:":[null,"Lav kvalitet:"],"Downloaded:":[null,"Downloadet:"],"Skipped:":[null,"Sprunget over:"],"Snatched:":[null,"Snappede:"],"Select Filtered Episodes":[null,"Marker filtrerede episoder"],"Clear All":[null,"Ryd alle"],"Select Columns":[null,"Vælg kolonner"],"Specials":[null,""],"Season":[null,""],"Hide Episodes":[null,"Skjule episoder"],"Show Episodes":[null,"Show episoder"],"NFO":[null,"NFO"],"TBN":[null,"TBN"],"Absolute":[null,"Absolut"],"Scene":[null,"Scene"],"Scene Absolute":[null,"Scene absolutte"],"Size":[null,"Størrelse"],"Airdate":[null,"Udsendelse"],"Download":[null,"Download"],"Status":[null,"Status"],"Search":[null,"Søg"],"Never":[null,"Aldrig"],"Retry Download":[null,"Retry Download"],"Main":[null,"Main"],"Format":[null,"Format"],"Advanced":[null,"Avanceret"],"Main Settings":[null,"Vigtigste indstillinger"],"Show Location":[null,"Vis beliggenhed"],"Location for where your show resides on your device":[null,""],"Preferred Quality":[null,"Foretrukne kvalitet"],"Default Episode Status":[null,"Episode standardstatus"],"Unaired episodes automatically set to this status when air date reached":[null,""],"Info Language":[null,"Info sprog"],"Language of show information is translated into":[null,""],"Skip downloaded":[null,""],"Skips updating quality of old/new downloaded episodes":[null,""],"search for subtitles":[null,"Søg efter undertekster"],"Subtitle metdata":[null,"Undertekster metdata"],"use SiCKRAGE metadata when searching for subtitle, this will override the auto-discovered metadata":[null,"bruge SiCKRAGE metadata ved søgning efter undertitlen, dette vil tilsidesætte den auto-opdagede metadata"],"Paused":[null,"Midlertidigt afbrudt"],"pause this show (SiCKRAGE will not download episodes)":[null,"pause dette show (SiCKRAGE ikke vil hente episoder)"],"Format Settings":[null,"Formatindstillinger"],"Air by date":[null,"Luft efter dato"],"check if the show is released as Show.03.02.2010 rather than Show.S02E03":[null,"kontrollere hvis showet er udgivet som Show.03.02.2010 snarere end Show.S02E03"],"In case of an air date conflict between regular and special episodes, the later will be ignored.":[null,"I tilfælde af en luft datokonflikt mellem almindelige og specielle episoder, vil det senere blive ignoreret."],"Sports":[null,"Sport"],"check if the show is a sporting or MMA event released as Show.03.02.2010 rather than Show.S02E03":[null,"indskrive selv om showet er en sportslige eller MMA event udgivet som Show.03.02.2010 snarere end Show.S02E03"],"DVD Order":[null,"DVD Bestil"],"use the DVD order instead of the air order":[null,"bruge DVD rækkefølge i stedet for luft rækkefølge"],"A \"Force Full Update\" is necessary, and if you have existing episodes you need to sort them manually.":[null,"En \"kraft fuld opdatering\" er nødvendigt, og hvis du har eksisterende episoder du skal sortere dem manuelt."],"Anime":[null,"Anime"],"check if the show is Anime and episodes are released as Show.265 rather than Show.S02E03":[null,"kontrollere hvis showet er Anime og episoder er udgivet som Show.265 snarere end Show.S02E03"],"Season folders":[null,"Sæson mapper"],"group episodes by season folder (uncheck to store in a single folder)":[null,"gruppere episoder af sæson mappe (Fjern markeringen for at gemme i en enkelt mappe)"],"Scene Numbering":[null,"Scene nummerering"],"search by scene numbering (uncheck to search by indexer numbering)":[null,"Søg efter scene nummerering (Fjern markeringen for at søge efter indekseringen nummerering)"],"Ignored Words":[null,"Ignorerede ord"],"Search results with one or more words from this list will be ignored.":[null,"Søgeresultater med et eller flere ord fra denne liste vil blive ignoreret."],"Required Words":[null,"Kræves ord"],"Search results with no words from this list will be ignored.":[null,"Søgeresultater med ingen ord fra denne liste vil blive ignoreret."],"Scene Exception":[null,"Scene undtagelse"],"This will affect episode search on NZB and torrent providers. This list overrides the original name it doesn't append to it.":[null,"Dette vil påvirke episode søgning på NZB og torrent udbydere. Denne liste tilsidesætter den oprindelige navn det ikke føje til det."],"Search Delay":[null,""],"ex. 1":[null,""],"Delays searching for new episodes by X number of days.":[null,""],"Sort By:":[null,"Sorter efter:"],"Votes":[null,"Stemmer"],"% Rating":[null,"% Rating"],"% Rating > Votes":[null,"% Rating > stemmer"],"Asc":[null,"ASC"],"Desc":[null,"/ / Beskr"],"Fetching of IMDB Data failed. Are you online?":[null,"Hentning af IMDB Data mislykkedes. Er du online?"],"Exception:":[null,"Undtagelse:"],"Add Show":[null,"Tilføje Show"],"Select Columns:":[null,"Vælg kolonner:"],"Filter By:":[null,"Filtrer efter:"],"Filter Show Name":[null,"Vis Filternavn"],"Next Episode":[null,"Næste Episode"],"Progress":[null,"Fremskridt"],"Sort Order:":[null,"Sorteringsrækkefølge:"],"Poster":[null,"Plakat"],"Small Poster":[null,"Lille plakat"],"Banner":[null,"Banner"],"Simple":[null,"Enkel"],"Poster Size:":[null,"Plakatstørrelse:"],"Anime List":[null,"Anime liste"],"Loading...":[null,"Indlæser..."],"Continuing":[null,"Fortsætter"],"Ended":[null,"Endte"],"Downloaded: ":[null,"Downloadet: "],"Snatched: ":[null,"Snappede: "],"Total: ":[null,"Total: "],"no data":[null,"ingen data"],"Invalid date":[null,"Ugyldig dato"],"No Network":[null,"Ingen netværk"],"Next Ep":[null,"Næste Ep"],"Prev Ep":[null,"Forrige Ep"],"Show":[null,"Vis"],"Downloads":[null,"Downloads"],"Active":[null,"Aktive"],"Directory":[null,"Register"],"Show Name (tvshow.nfo)":[null,"Vis navn (tvshow.nfo)"],"Indexer":[null,"Indekseringen"],"Find a show":[null,"Find en udstilling"],"Show retrieved from existing metadata:":[null,"Vis hentet fra eksisterende metadata:"],"Choose language":[null,"Vælg sprog"],"Pick a folder":[null,"Vælg en mappe"],"Pre-chosen Destination Folder:":[null,"Forhånd valgte destinationsmappe:"],"Custom options":[null,"Brugerdefinerede indstillinger"],"Skip Show":[null,"Spring Show"],"Enter the folder containing the episode":[null,"Angiv den mappe, der indeholder episoden"],"Process Method to be used:":[null,"Processen metode anvendes:"],"Force already Post Processed Dir/Files:":[null,"Tvinge allerede Post behandlet Dir/filer:"],"Mark Dir/Files as priority download:":[null,"Mark Dir/filer som prioriteret download:"],"(Check it to replace the file even if it exists at higher quality)":[null,"(Tjekke det for at erstatte filen, selv om det findes på højere kvalitet)"],"Delete files and folders:":[null,"Slette filer og mapper:"],"(Check it to delete files and folders like auto processing)":[null,"(Tjekke det for at slette filer og mapper som auto behandling)"],"Don't use processing queue:":[null,"Ikke bruge behandling kø:"],"(Check it to return the result of the process here, but may be slow!)":[null,"(Tjekke det for at returnere resultatet af processen her, men kan være langsom!)"],"Mark download as failed:":[null,"Markere download som mislykkedes:"],"Process":[null,"Proces"],"Performing Restart":[null,"Udfører genstart"],"Daily Search":[null,"Daglige søgning"],"Backlog":[null,"Efterslæb"],"Show Update":[null,"Vis Update"],"Version Check":[null,"Versionskontrol"],"Proper Finder":[null,"Ordentlig Finder"],"Post Process":[null,"Indlæg proces"],"Subtitles Finder":[null,"Undertekster Finder"],"Trakt Checker":[null,"Trakt Checker"],"Scheduler":[null,"Opgavestyring"],"Scheduled Job":[null,"Planlagte Job"],"Cycle Time":[null,"Cyklustid"],"Next Run":[null,"Næste Run"],"YES":[null,"Ja"],"NO":[null,"Nej"],"True":[null,"Sandt"],"Show Queue":[null,"Vis kø"],"Show ID":[null,"Vise ID"],"In Progress":[null,"I gang"],"Priority":[null,"Prioritet"],"Added":[null,"Tilføjet"],"Queue Type":[null,"Køtype"],"LOW":[null,"LAV"],"NORMAL":[null,"NORMAL"],"HIGH":[null,"HØJ"],"Disk Space":[null,"Diskplads"],"Location":[null,"Beliggenhed"],"Free space":[null,"Ledig plads"],"TV Download Directory":[null,"TV Download Directory"],"Media Root Directories":[null,"Media rod mapper"],"Preview of the proposed name changes":[null,"Preview af de foreslåede navneændringer"],"All Seasons":[null,"All Seasons"],"Select All":[null,"Vælg alle"],"Rename Selected":[null,"Omdøb valgt"],"Cancel Rename":[null,"Annullere omdøbning"],"Old Location":[null,"Gamle placering"],"New Location":[null,"Ny placering"],"Original":[null,"Oprindelige"],"Select Trakt List:":[null,"Vælg Trakt liste:"],"Most Anticipated":[null,"Mest ventede"],"Trending":[null,"Tendensvisning"],"Popular":[null,"Populære"],"Most Watched":[null,"Mest sete"],"Most Played":[null,"Mest spillede"],"Most Collected":[null,"De fleste indsamlet"],"Trakt API did not return any results, please check your config.":[null,"Trakt API har ikke returneret nogen resultater, tjek venligst din config."],"votes":[null,"stemmer"],"Flatten Folders":[null,"Flade mapper"],"Status for previously aired episodes":[null,"Status for tidligere luftet episoder"],"Status for all future episodes":[null,"Status for alle fremtidige episoder"],"Save As Defaults":[null,"Gem som standard"],"Use current values as the defaults":[null,"Brug aktuelle værdier som standarder"],"Fansub Groups:":[null,"Fansub grupper:"],"<p>Select your preferred fansub groups from the <b>Available Groups</b> and add them to the <b>Whitelist</b>. Add groups to the <b>Blacklist</b> to ignore them.</p>\n            <p>The <b>Whitelist</b> is checked <i>before</i> the <b>Blacklist</b>.</p>\n            <p>Groups are shown as <b>Name</b> | <b>Rating</b> | <b>Number of subbed episodes</b>.</p>\n            <p>You may also add any fansub group not listed to either list manually.</p>\n            <p>When doing this please note that you can only use groups listed on anidb for this anime.\n            <br>If a group is not listed on anidb but subbed this anime, please correct anidb's data.</p>":[null,"<p>Select dine foretrukne fansub grupper fra <b>Available Groups</b> og tilføje dem til <b>Whitelist</b>. Tilføje grupper til <b>Blacklist</b> at ignorere them.</p> <p>The <b>Whitelist</b> er kontrolleret <i>before</i> <b>Blacklist</b>.</p> <p>Groups er vist som <b>Name</b> | <b>Rating</b> | <b>Number af subbed episodes</b>.</p> <p>You kan også tilføje fansub grupper ikke er angivet til enten liste manually.</p> <p>When gøre dette venligst Bemærk, at du kun kan bruge grupper børsnoterede på anidb for dette anime.\n            <br>If en gruppe ikke er noteret på anidb men subbed dette anime, bedes du rette anidb's data.</p>"],"Whitelist":[null,"Whiteliste"],"Remove":[null,"Fjern"],"Available Groups":[null,"Tilgængelige grupper"],"Add to Whitelist":[null,"Føj til Whitelist"],"Add to Blacklist":[null,"Føj til blackliste"],"Blacklist":[null,"Sortliste"],"Custom Group":[null,"Brugerdefineret gruppe"],"Do you want to mark this episode as failed?":[null,"Vil du markere denne episode, som slået fejl?"],"The episode release name will be added to the failed history, preventing it to be downloaded again.":[null,"Episode release navn vil blive tilføjet til den mislykkede historie, forhindrer det der skal hentes igen."],"Do you want to include the current episode quality in the search?":[null,"Vil du medtage den aktuelle episode kvalitet i søgningen?"],"Choosing No will ignore any releases with the same episode quality as the one currently downloaded/snatched.":[null,"Valg ingen vil ignorere enhver udgivelser med den samme episode kvalitet som den i øjeblikket downloadet/snappede."],"Preferred qualities replace existing downloads till highest quality is met":[null,""],"Preferred":[null,"Foretrukket"],"qualities will replace those in":[null,"kvaliteter vil erstatte dem i"],"Allowed":[null,"Tilladt"],"even if they are lower.":[null,"selv om de er lavere."],"Initial Quality:":[null,"Oprindelige kvalitet:"],"Preferred Quality:":[null,"Foretrukne kvalitet:"],"Root Directories":[null,"Rod mapper"],"New":[null,"Nye"],"Edit":[null,"Rediger"],"Set as Default *":[null,"Indstiller som standard *"],"Reset to Defaults":[null,"Nulstil til standardindstillinger"],"All non-absolute folder locations are relative to":[null,"Alle ikke-absolutte mappeplaceringer er relativ til"],"SiCKRAGE":[null,"SiCKRAGE"],"Toggle navigation":[null,"Skifter navigation"],"Show List":[null,"Vis liste"],"Add Shows":[null,"Tilføje viser"],"Manual Post-Processing":[null,"Manuel efterbehandling"],"Manage":[null,"Administrere"],"Mass Update":[null,"Masseopdatering af"],"Backlog Overview":[null,"Puklen oversigt"],"Manage Queues":[null,"Administrere køer"],"Episode Status Management":[null,"Episode Status Management"],"Sync Trakt":[null,"Sync Trakt"],"Update PLEX":[null,"Opdatere PLEX"],"Update KODI":[null,"Opdatere KODI"],"Update Emby":[null,"Opdater Emby"],"Manage Torrents":[null,"Administrere Torrents"],"Failed Downloads":[null,"Mislykkede overførsler"],"Missed Subtitle Management":[null,"Ubesvarede undertitel Management"],"Config":[null,"Config"],"Help and Info":[null,"Hjælp og Info"],"General":[null,"Generelle"],"Backup and Restore":[null,"Sikkerhedskopiering og gendannelse"],"Search Providers":[null,"Søgemaskiner"],"Subtitles Settings":[null,"Indstillinger for undertekster"],"Quality Settings":[null,"Kvalitetsindstillinger"],"Post Processing":[null,"Efterbehandling"],"Notifications":[null,"Meddelelser"],"Tools":[null,"Værktøjer"],"Changelog":[null,"Changelog"],"Donate":[null,"Donere"],"View Errors":[null,"Se fejl"],"View Warnings":[null,"Se advarsler"],"View Log":[null,"Vis Log"],"Check For Updates":[null,"Check For opdateringer"],"Logout":[null,"Logout"],"Server Status":[null,"Serverstatus"],"Episodes Downloaded":[null,"Episoder downloadet"],"Overall Downloaded":[null,"Alt i alt hentet"],"Daily Search:":[null,"Daglige søgning:"],"Backlog Search:":[null,"Puklen søgning:"],"Memory used:":[null,""],"Load time:":[null,"Indlæsningstid:"],"Now:":[null,"Nu:"],"WARNING logs":[null,"Advarsel logs"],"ERROR logs":[null,"FEJL logs"],"There are no events to display.":[null,"Der er ingen begivenheder til at vise."],"Minimum logging level to display:":[null,"Laveste logføringsniveau skal vises:"],"Filter log by:":[null,"Filteret log af:"],"Search log by:":[null,"Søgeloggen af:"],"clear to reset":[null,"Fjern markeringen for at nulstille"],"Choose show":[null,"Vælg Vis"],"Force Backlog":[null,"Kraft efterslæb"],"None of your episodes have status":[null,"Ingen af dine episoder har status"],"Manage episodes with status":[null,"Administrere episoder med status"],"Shows containing":[null,"Viser indeholdende"],"episodes":[null,"episoder"],"Set checked shows/episodes to":[null,"Angiv kontrolleret shows/episoder til"],"Go":[null,"Gå"],"Expand":[null,"Udvid"],"Release":[null,"Udgivelse"],"Remove failed release":[null,"Fjerne mislykkede frigivelse"],"Changing any settings marked with":[null,"Ændre nogen indstillinger er markeret med"],"will force a refresh of the selected shows.":[null,"vil gennemtvinge en opdatering af den valgte viser."],"Selected Shows":[null,"Udvalgte Shows"],"Current":[null,"Nuværende"],"Custom":[null,"Custom"],"Keep":[null,"Holde"],"Skips updating quality of old/new downloaded episodes.":[null,""],"Group episodes by season folder (set to \"No\" to store in a single folder).":[null,"En gruppe episoder af sæson mappe (sat til \"Nej\" til at gemme i en enkelt mappe)."],"Pause these shows (SickRage will not download episodes).":[null,"Pause disse shows (SickRage ikke vil hente episoder)."],"This will set the status for future episodes.":[null,"Dette vil sætte status til fremtidige episoder."],"Search by scene numbering (set to \"No\" to search by indexer numbering).":[null,"Søg scene nummerering (sat til \"Nej\" til at søge efter indekseringen nummerering)."],"Set if these shows are Anime and episodes are released as Show.265 rather than Show.S02E03":[null,"Hvis disse shows er Anime og episoder er udgivet som Show.265 snarere end Show.S02E03"],"Set if these shows are sporting or MMA events released as Show.03.02.2010 rather than Show.S02E03.":[null,"Sæt hvis disse shows er sportslige eller MMA begivenheder udgivet som Show.03.02.2010 snarere end Show.S02E03."],"Set if these shows are released as Show.03.02.2010 rather than Show.S02E03.":[null,"Sæt hvis disse shows er udgivet som Show.03.02.2010 snarere end Show.S02E03."],"Search for subtitles.":[null,"Søg efter undertekster."],"Mass Edit":[null,"Masse Rediger"],"Mass Rescan":[null,"Masse Rescan"],"Mass Rename":[null,"Masse omdøbning"],"Mass Delete":[null,"Masse slet"],"Mass Remove":[null,"Masse Fjern"],"Mass Subtitle":[null,"Masse undertitel"],"View Statuses:":[null,"Se statusser:"],"Selected":[null,"Valgt"],"Subtitle":[null,"Undertitel"],"Default Ep":[null,"Standard Ep"],"Not in progress":[null,"Ikke i gang"],"Pause":[null,"Pause"],"Unpause":[null,"Genoptag"],"Find Propers Search:":[null,"Find Propers Søg:"],"Propers search disabled":[null,"Propers Søg deaktiveret"],"Post-Processor:":[null,"Post-processor:"],"Search Queue:":[null,"Søg kø:"],"Daily:":[null,"Daglig:"],"pending items":[null,"ventende elementer"],"Backlog:":[null,"Efterslæbet:"],"Manual:":[null,"Manual:"],"Failed:":[null,"Mislykkedes:"],"Post-Processor Queue:":[null,"Post-processor kø:"],"Auto:":[null,"Auto:"],"All of your episodes have":[null,"Alle dine episoder har"],"subtitles.":[null,"undertekster."],"Manage episodes without":[null,"Administrere episoder uden"],"Episodes without":[null,"Episoder uden"],"(undefined) subtitles.":[null,"(udefineret) undertekster."],"Download missed subtitles for selected episodes":[null,"Download ubesvarede undertekster til udvalgte episoder"],"Select all":[null,"Vælg alle"],"Clear all":[null,"Ryd alle"],"Repeat":[null,"Gentag"],"Repeat (Separated)":[null,"REPEAT (adskilt)"],"Duplicate":[null,"Dublet"],"Extend":[null,"Udvide"],"Extend (Limited)":[null,"Udvide (begrænset)"],"Extend (Limited, E-prefixed)":[null,"Udvide (begrænset, E-præfiks)"],"Snatched (Proper)":[null,"Snappede (korrekt)"],"Snatched (Best)":[null,"Snappede (bedst)"],"Archived":[null,"Arkiveret"],"Failed":[null,"Mislykkedes"],"Missed":[null,""],"Unknown":[null,"Ukendt"],"Unaired":[null,"Unaired"],"Skipped":[null,"Sprunget over"],"Wanted":[null,"Ønskede"],"Ignored":[null,"Ignoreret"],"Episode snatched":[null,"Episode snappede"],"New update found for SiCKRAGE, starting auto-updater":[null,"Nye opdatering fundet for SiCKRAGE, start auto-updater"],"Update was successful":[null,"Opdateringen blev gennemført"],"Update failed!":[null,"Opdateringen mislykkedes!"],"Config backup in progress...":[null,"Config backup i gang..."],"Config backup successful, updating...":[null,"Config backup vellykket, opdatering..."],"Config backup failed, aborting update":[null,"Config backup mislykkedes, afbrydes opdateringen"],"Unable to find your git executable - Set your git path from Settings->General->Advanced OR delete your .git folder and run from source to enable updates.":[null,"Stand til at finde din git eksekverbare - sæt din git sti fra indstillinger-> General-> avanceret eller slette mappen .git og køre fra kilde at aktivere opdateringer."],"Unable to find your pip executable - Set your pip path from Settings->General->Advanced":[null,"Stand til at finde din pip eksekverbare - sæt din pip sti fra indstillinger-> General-> avanceret"],"There is a newer version available, version {} &mdash; <a href=\"{}\">Update Now</a>":[null,"Der er en nyere version til rådighed, version {} &mdash; <a href=\"{}\">Update Now</a>"],"Unknown current version number: If yo've never used the SiCKRAGE upgrade system before then current version is not set. &mdash; <a href=\"{}\">Update Now</a>":[null,"Ukendt aktuelle versionsnummer: hvis yo har aldrig brugt SiCKRAGE opgradere systemet før så aktuelle version ikke er angivet. &mdash; <a href=\"{}\">Update Now</a>"],"New SiCKRAGE update found on PyPi servers, version {} &mdash; <a href=\"{}\">Update Now</a>":[null,""],"No downloads were found":[null,"Ingen downloads blev ikke fundet"],"Couldn't find a download for <i>%s</i>":[null,"Kunne ikke finde en download for <i>%s</i>"],"Unable to add show":[null,"Stand til at tilføje show"],"Show in {} has no name on {}, probably the wrong language. Delete .nfo and add manually in the correct language":[null,"Vis i {} har intet navn på {}, sandsynligvis det forkerte sprog. Slette .nfo og tilføje manuelt i det korrekte sprog"],"Show ":[null,"Vis "]," is on ":[null," er på "]," but contains no season/episode data.":[null," men indeholder ingen sæson/episode data."],"Unable to look up the show in {} on {} using ID {}, not using the NFO. Delete .nfo and try adding manually again.":[null,"Stand til at slå op Vis i {} på {} ved hjælp af ID {}, ikke bruger NFO. Slette .nfo og prøv at tilføje manuelt igen."],"Unable to add ":[null,"Kunne ikke tilføjes "]," due to an error with ":[null," på grund af en fejl med "],"Unable to add show due to an error with ":[null,"Stand til at tilføje Vis på grund af en fejl med "],"Show skipped":[null,"Vis springes"],"The show in ":[null,"Vis i "]," is already in your show list":[null," er allerede på listen Vis"],"HTTP Error 404":[null,"Http-fejl 404"],"HTTP Error 500":[null,"Http-fejl 500"],"API Key not generated":[null,"API-nøgle genereres ikke"],"API Builder":[null,"API Builder"],"Invalid show parameters":[null,"Ugyldig Vis parametre"],"Invalid show paramaters":[null,"Ugyldig Vis parametre"],"Invalid paramaters":[null,"Ugyldige parametre"],"Episode couldn't be retrieved":[null,"Episode kunne ikke hentes"],"Error: Unsupported Request. Send jsonp request with 'srcallback' variable in the query string.":[null,"Fejl: Ikke-understøttet anmodning. Send jsonp anmodning med 'srcallback' variablen i forespørgselsstrengen."],"Success. Connected and authenticated":[null,"Succes. Forbundet og godkendt"],"Authentication failed. SABnzbd expects ":[null,"Godkendelse mislykkedes. SABnzbd forventer "]," as authentication method, ":[null," som godkendelsesmetode, "],"Unable to connect to host":[null,"Kan ikke forbinde til værten"],"SMS sent successfully":[null,"SMS sendt"],"Problem sending SMS: ":[null,"Problemer med at sende SMS: "],"Telegram notification succeeded. Check your Telegram clients to make sure it worked":[null,"Telegram anmeldelse lykkedes. Tjek din Telegram klienter for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending Telegram notification: {message}":[null,"Fejl ved afsendelse af Telegram anmeldelse: {message}"]," with password: ":[null," med adgangskode: "],"Registered and Tested growl successfully ":[null,"Registreret og testet brumme med succes "],"Registration and Testing of growl failed ":[null,"Registrering og test af growl mislykkedes "],"Test prowl notice sent successfully":[null,"Test strejftog meddelelse sendt"],"Test prowl notice failed":[null,"Test strejftog meddelelse mislykkedes"],"Boxcar2 notification succeeded. Check your Boxcar2 clients to make sure it worked":[null,"Boxcar2 anmeldelse lykkedes. Kontrollere din Boxcar2 klienter for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending Boxcar2 notification":[null,"Fejl ved afsendelse af Boxcar2 anmeldelse"],"Pushover notification succeeded. Check your Pushover clients to make sure it worked":[null,"Pushover anmeldelse lykkedes. Tjek din Pushover klienter for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending Pushover notification":[null,"Fejl sende Pushover anmeldelse"],"Key verification successful":[null,"Centrale kontrol vellykket"],"Unable to verify key":[null,"Stand til at kontrollere nøglen"],"Tweet successful, check your twitter to make sure it worked":[null,"Tweet vellykket, tjekke din kvidre for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending tweet":[null,"Fejl sende tweet"],"Please enter a valid account sid":[null,"Angiv en gyldig konto sid"],"Please enter a valid auth token":[null,"Angiv en gyldig auth token"],"Please enter a valid phone sid":[null,"Angiv en gyldig telefon sid"],"Please format the phone number as \"+1-###-###-####\"":[null,"Venligst format telefonnummer som \"+ 1-###-###-###\""],"Authorization successful and number ownership verified":[null,"Tilladelsen vellykket og antal ejerskab verificeret"],"Error sending sms":[null,"Fejl ved afsendelse af sms"],"Slack message successful":[null,"Slack besked vellykket"],"Slack message failed":[null,"Slack besked mislykkedes"],"Discord message successful":[null,"Uenighed besked vellykket"],"Discord message failed":[null,"Uenighed besked mislykkedes"],"Test KODI notice sent successfully to ":[null,"Test KODI meddelelse sendt til "],"Test KODI notice failed to ":[null,"Test KODI meddelelse kunne ikke "],"Successful test notice sent to Plex client ... 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Tjek indbakke."],"ERROR: %s":[null,"FEJL: %s"],"Test NMA notice sent successfully":[null,"Test NMA meddelelse sendt"],"Test NMA notice failed":[null,"Test NMA meddelelse mislykkedes"],"Pushalot notification succeeded. Check your Pushalot clients to make sure it worked":[null,"Pushalot anmeldelse lykkedes. Kontrollere din Pushalot klienter for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending Pushalot notification":[null,"Fejl ved afsendelse af Pushalot anmeldelse"],"Pushbullet notification succeeded. Check your device to make sure it worked":[null,"Pushbullet anmeldelse lykkedes. Kontrollere din enhed for at sikre sig arbejdede"],"Error sending Pushbullet notification":[null,"Fejl ved afsendelse af Pushbullet anmeldelse"],"Error getting Pushbullet devices":[null,"Fejl under hentning af Pushbullet enheder"],"Shutting down":[null,"At lukke ned"],"SiCKRAGE is shutting down":[null,"SiCKRAGE lukker ned"],"Restarting":[null,"Genstart"],"SiCKRAGE is restarting":[null,"SiCKRAGE er genstartet"],"No new updates!":[null,"Ingen nye opdateringer!"],"Update Failed":[null,"Opdatering mislykkedes"],"Update wasn't successful, not restarting. Check your log for more information.":[null,"Opdatering var ikke vellykket, ikke restarter. Tjek din log for flere oplysninger."],"Successfully found {path}":[null,"Med held fandt {path}"],"Failed to find {path}":[null,"Kunne ikke finde {path}"],"Installing SiCKRAGE requirements":[null,"Installation af SiCKRAGE krav"],"Failed to install SiCKRAGE requirements":[null,"Det lykkedes ikke at installere SiCKRAGE krav"],"Installed SiCKRAGE requirements successfully!":[null,"Installeret SiCKRAGE krav med succes!"],"Checking out branch: ":[null,"Tjekker filial: "],"Branch checkout successful, restarting: ":[null,"Gren checkout vellykket, at genstarte: "],"Already on branch: ":[null,"Allerede på filial: "],"Error":[null,"Fejl"],"Invalid show ID":[null,"Ugyldig vise ID"],"Show not in show list":[null,"Vis ikke i listen Vis"],"This show is in the process of being downloaded - the info below is incomplete.":[null,"Dette show er ved at blive hentet - info nedenfor er ufuldstændig."],"The information on this page is in the process of being updated.":[null,"Oplysningerne på denne side er ved at blive opdateret."],"The episodes below are currently being refreshed from disk":[null,"De episoder nedenfor opdateres i øjeblikket fra disk"],"Currently downloading subtitles for this show":[null,"I øjeblikket downloade undertekster til dette show"],"This show is queued to be refreshed.":[null,"Dette show er i kø for at være udhvilet."],"This show is queued and awaiting an update.":[null,"Dette show er i kø og venter på en opdatering."],"This show is queued and awaiting subtitles download.":[null,"Dette show er i kø og venter på undertekster download."],"Resume":[null,"CV"],"Re-scan files":[null,"Scanning af filer"],"Full Update":[null,"Fuld opdatering"],"Update show in KODI":[null,"Opdatering show i KODI"],"Update show in Emby":[null,"Opdatering show i Emby"],"Preview Rename":[null,"Preview Omdøb"],"Download Subtitles":[null,"Download undertekster"],"Invalid show ID: ":[null,"Ugyldig Vis ID: "],"Unable to find the specified show: ":[null,"Kan ikke finde den angivne show: "],"Unable to retreive Fansub Groups from AniDB.":[null,"Der kan ikke hentes Fansub grupper fra AniDB."],"Edit Show":[null,"Redigere Show"],"Unable to refresh this show: {}":[null,"Ikke opdatere dette show: {}"],"Unable to refresh this show:{}":[null,"Ikke opdatere dette show :{}"],"The folder at %s doesn't contain a tvshow.nfo - copy your files to that folder before you change the directory in SiCKRAGE.":[null,"Mappen på %s indeholder ikke en tvshow.nfo - kopiere dine filer til denne mappe, før du ændrer mappen i SiCKRAGE."],"Unable to update show: {}":[null,""],"Unable to force an update on scene exceptions of the show.":[null,"Stand til at tvinge en opdatering på scene undtagelser af showet."],"Unable to force an update on scene numbering of the show.":[null,"Stand til at tvinge en opdatering på scene nummerering af showet."],"{num_errors:d} error{plural} while saving changes:":[null,"{num_errors:d} error{plural} samtidig spare ændringer:"],"Unable to find the specified show":[null,"Kan ikke finde den angivne show"],"%s has been %s":[null,"%s har været %s"],"resumed":[null,"genoptaget"],"paused":[null,"midlertidigt afbrudt"],"%s has been %s %s":[null,"%s har været %s %s"],"deleted":[null,"slettet"],"trashed":[null,"smidt i papirkurven"],"(media untouched)":[null,"(media urørt)"],"(with all related media)":[null,"(med alle relaterede medier)"],"Unable to delete this show.":[null,"Det er ikke muligt at slette dette show."],"Unable to refresh this show.":[null,"Der kan ikke opdatere dette show."],"Unable to update this show.":[null,"Der kan ikke opdatere dette show."],"Library update command sent to KODI host(s): ":[null,"Biblioteket update-kommando sendes til KODI værter: "],"Unable to contact one or more KODI host(s): ":[null,"Stand til at kontakte en eller flere KODI værter: "],"Library update command sent to Plex Media Server host: ":[null,"Biblioteket update-kommando sendes til Plex Media Server vært: "],"Unable to contact Plex Media Server host: ":[null,"Stand til at kontakte Plex Media Server vært: "],"Library update command sent to Emby host: ":[null,"Biblioteket update-kommando sendes til Emby vært: "],"Unable to contact Emby host: ":[null,"Stand til at kontakte Emby vært: "],"Syncing Trakt with SiCKRAGE":[null,"Synkronisering Trakt med SiCKRAGE"],"You must specify a show and at least one episode":[null,"Du skal angive et show og mindst én episode"],"Invalid status":[null,"Ugyldig status"],"Backlog was automatically started for the following seasons of ":[null,"Puklen startede automatisk for de følgende sæsoner af "],"Season ":[null,"Sæson "],"Backlog started":[null,"Puklen startede"],"Retrying Search was automatically started for the following season of ":[null,"Prøver igen søgning var startes automatisk til den følgende sæson af "],"Retry Search started":[null,"Prøv Søg startede"],"You must specify a show":[null,"Du skal angive en vis"],"Can't rename episodes when the show dir is missing.":[null,"Kan ikke omdøbe episoder, når Vis dir mangler."],"New subtitles downloaded: %s":[null,"Nye undertekster downloadet: %s"],"No subtitles downloaded":[null,"Ingen undertekster downloadet"],"Google Drive Sync":[null,""],"Syncing app data to Google Drive":[null,""],"Syncing app data from Google Drive":[null,""],"Postprocessing results":[null,"Efterbehandle resultater"],"No folders selected.":[null,"Ingen mapper vælges."],"New Show":[null,"Nye Show"],"Existing Show":[null,"Eksisterende Show"],"Adding Show":[null,"Tilføje Show"],"Adding the specified show into ":[null,"Tilføjer den angivne show i "],"No root directories setup, please go back and add one.":[null,"Ingen rod mapper setup, skal du gå tilbage og tilføje en."],"Unknown error. Unable to add show due to problem with show selection.":[null,"Ukendt fejl. Stand til at tilføje Vis på grund af problemet med Vis markering."],"Folder ":[null,"Mappe "]," exists already":[null," findes allerede"],"Unable to create the folder , can't add the show":[null,"Kunne ikke oprette mappen, kan ikke tilføje showet"],"Shows Added":[null,"Viser ekstra"],"Automatically added ":[null,"Automatisk tilføjet "]," from their existing metadata files":[null," fra deres eksisterende metadatafiler"],"Missing Subtitles":[null,"Mangler undertekster"],"Unable to refresh show ":[null,"Ikke opdatere Vis "],"Errors encountered":[null,"Fejl"],"<br><b>Updates</b><br><ul><li>":[null,"<br><b>Updates</b><br><ul><li>"],"<br><b>Refreshes</b><br><ul><li>":[null,"<br><b>Refreshes</b><br><ul><li>"],"<br><b>Renames</b><br><ul><li>":[null,"<br><b>Renames</b><br><ul><li>"],"<br><b>Subtitles</b><br><ul><li>":[null,"<br><b>Subtitles</b><br><ul><li>"],"The following actions were queued:":[null,"Følgende handlinger blev stillet i kø:"],"Backlog search started":[null,"Puklen søgning startede"],"Daily search started":[null,"Daglige søgning startede"],"Find propers search started":[null,"Finde propers søgning startede"],"History cleared":[null,"Historie ryddet"],"Removed history entries older than 30 days":[null,"Fjernet oversigtsposter ældre end 30 dage"],"Backup/Restore":[null,"Sikkerhedskopiering/gendannelse"],"Configuration":[null,"Konfiguration"],"Configuration Reset to Defaults":[null,"Konfiguration Nulstil til standardindstillinger"],"Config - General":[null,"Config - General"],"General Configuration":[null,"Generel konfiguration"],"Error(s) Saving Configuration":[null,"Fejl gemme konfiguration"],"[GENERAL] Configuration Saved":[null,"[GENERAL] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Backup/Restore":[null,"Config - Backup/gendannelse"],"Backup SUCCESSFUL":[null,"Backup vellykket"],"Backup FAILED!":[null,"Sikkerhedskopieringen mislykkedes!"],"You need to choose a folder to save your backup to first!":[null,"Du skal vælge en mappe til at gemme din backup først!"],"Successfully extracted restore files to ":[null,"Med held udpakkede Gendan filer til "],"<br>Restart sickrage to complete the restore.":[null,"<br>Restart sickrage at fuldføre gendannelsespunktet."],"Restore FAILED":[null,"Gendannelse mislykkedes"],"You need to select a backup file to restore!":[null,"Du skal vælge en sikkerhedskopi til at gendanne!"],"Config - Search Clients":[null,""],"Unable to create directory ":[null,"Kunne ikke oprette mappe "],", dir not changed.":[null,", dir ikke ændret."],"[SEARCH] Configuration Saved":[null,"[SEARCH] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Post Processing":[null,"Config - efterbehandling"],"Unpacking Not Supported, disabling unpack setting":[null,"Udpakning ikke understøttes, forhindrede Pak indstilling"],"You tried saving an invalid anime naming config, not saving your naming settings":[null,"Du prøvede at gemme en ugyldig anime navngivning config, ikke gemme indstillingerne for navngivning"],"You tried saving an invalid naming config, not saving your naming settings":[null,"Du prøvet at gemme en ugyldig navngivning config, ikke gemme indstillingerne for navngivning"],"You tried saving an invalid air-by-date naming config, not saving your air-by-date settings":[null,"Du prøvet at gemme en ugyldig luft-af-dato navngivning config, ikke gemme indstillingerne for luft-af-dato"],"You tried saving an invalid sports naming config, not saving your sports settings":[null,"Du prøvede at gemme en ugyldig sports navngivning config, ikke gemme indstillingerne for sport"],"[POST-PROCESSING] Configuration Saved":[null,"[POST-PROCESSING] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Search Providers":[null,""],"\nNo Provider Name specified":[null,"\nIngen udbydernavn angivet"],"\nNo Provider Url specified":[null,"\nIngen udbyder webadresse angivet"],"\nNo Provider Api key specified":[null,"\nIngen udbyder Api-nøgle, der er angivet"],"[PROVIDERS] Configuration Saved":[null,"[PROVIDERS] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Notifications":[null,"Config - meddelelser"],"[NOTIFICATIONS] Configuration Saved":[null,"[NOTIFICATIONS] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Subtitles Settings":[null,""],"[SUBTITLES] Configuration Saved":[null,"[SUBTITLES] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Anime":[null,"Config - Anime"],"[ANIME] Configuration Saved":[null,"[ANIME] konfiguration gemmes"],"Config - Quality Settings":[null,"Config - kvalitetsindstillinger"],"[QUALITY SETTINGS] Configuration Saved":[null,"[KVALITETSINDSTILLINGER] Konfiguration gemmes"],"Clear Errors":[null,"Klare fejl"],"Clear Warnings":[null,"Klare advarsler"],"Daily Searcher":[null,"Daglige Searcher"],"Show Updater":[null,"Vis Updater"],"Check Version":[null,"Check Version"],"Search Queue":[null,"Søg kø"],"Find Propers":[null,"Find Propers"],"Postprocessor":[null,"Postprocessor"],"Find Subtitles":[null,"Find undertekster"],"Event":[null,"Event"],"Tornado":[null,"Tornado"],"Thread":[null,"Tråd"],"Started Download":[null,"Startet Download"],"Download Finished":[null,"Download færdig"],"Subtitle Download Finished":[null,"SUBTITLE Download færdig"],"SiCKRAGE Updated":[null,"SiCKRAGE opdateret"],"SiCKRAGE Updated To Commit#:":[null,"SiCKRAGE opdateret til at begå #:"],"SiCKRAGE new login":[null,"SiCKRAGE nye login"],"New login from IP: {0}.{0}":[null,"Ny login fra IP: {0}.{0}"]}}