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    Added static file handlers for new Web-UI to web server · 0e0ec76a
    echel0n authored
    Split API endpoints into v1 and v2
    Refactored allowed web methods to include PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS
    Refactored allowed web headers to include content-type and authorization
    Added new series API v2 endpoints
    Refactored TVShow airs_next, airs_prev, episodes_unaired, episodes_snatched, episodes_downloaded, and episodes_special methods
    Added new TVShow method epsiodes_total to speed-up main show page load times
    Added marshmallow to de-serialize SQLAlchemy data for sending back to UI frontend
    Added config API v2 endpoint
    Converted statusStrings from UserDict to built-in dict without composite splitting
    Added IMDbInfo Schema to output json to frontend
    Added API v2 Authorization header handling to connect frontend to backend securely
    Added API v2 patch method for updating series data
    Added API v2 JSON error handler
    Refactored how web async calls are done
    Added allowed and preferred qualities props to show object
    Added poster and banner props to show object
    Added to_json method to both show and episode objects
    Refactored show object get_overview function into episode object overview property
    Added episode manual search API v2 endpoint
    Added series episodes rename API v2 endpoint
    Refactored languages API endpoint for TheTVDB API client
    Refactored indexerAPI indexers function to return list of indexers
    Added file browser API v2 endpoint
    Updated requirements.txt to work with Python 3.9.x
    SR Auth certs are now grabbed and stored to avoid rate-limit issues
    Added series API v2 endpoint to add new shows
    Added retrieve series metadata API v2 endpoint
    Fixed parsing seeders/leechers for IPTorrents
    Updated URL for gktorrents