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    FIX: Fixed a bug that was causing anime settings page to detour to subtitles instead · 8384e29e
    echel0n authored
    FIX: Corrected a bug that was causing history to not view.
    FIX: UnicodeEncode error when attempting to add existing shows fixed, corrects others as well that experianced the same unicodeencode issue.
    ADD: Added improved error handling for mako template engine.
    FIX: Mako templates now confined to use unicode_literals.
    FIX: Fixed a issue preventing episodestatus from being able to be set properly due to improper variable context handling
    FIX: Fixed missing buttons in episode status manager.
    FIX: Fixed bugs in backlog overviewer.
    FIX: Fixed bugs with subtitle manager.
    FIX: Fixed config post-processing issues.
    FIX: Fixed config subtitle issues.
    FIX: Censoring of log files and console corrected.
    FIX: Corrected variable check bug in schedule viewer.
    FIX: Corrected method not allowed bug affecting people that were using a username/password within the app.
    FIX: Logging filter now properly masks sensitive data.
    FIX: Removed *MIIGOTU* bug and resolved remaining issues ;)