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    Added code to check_requirements core function to compare install requirement... · bdf74b0e
    echel0n authored
    Added code to check_requirements core function to compare install requirement versions to requirements.txt, if installed version older then update or if not installed then install
    Added code to cleanup dupe scene season/episode/absolute numbering from main database
    Added code to prevent dupe scene numbering being set on episodes
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5HH - KeyError in sickrage.providers.torrent.torrentz in search method
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5JC - IndexError in sickrage.providers.torrent.hdspace in parse method
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5HW - AttributeError in sickrage.core.tv.show in want_episode method
    Fixed MultipleResultsFound when using scene_numbering get_indexer_numbering method to map scene season/episode to indexer season/episode numbering
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5K7 - RuntimeError in sickrage.core.websocket in push method
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5MH - AttributeError in sickrage.providers in <listcomp>
    Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5J2 - AttributeError in sickrage.clients.torrent.transmission in _get_auth method
    Removed unrequired scene_numbering table from main database
    Fixed issue with nulled booleans being stored in main database TV shows table
    Fixed issue with add existing shows and show object not being populated into core show cache
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