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    Config settings are now stored and encrypted into a sqlite database · acd17578
    echel0n authored
    Added code to migrate existing config files to new config database
    Refactored the term indexer to series provider
    Refactored the term indexer_id to series id for tv shows and episode_id for tv episodes
    Qualities are now enum classes
    Episode statuses are now enum classes
    Status / Quality composites are now enum classes
    Refactored series provider api to support multiple series providers
    Refactored core code to support multiple series providers
    Refactored metadata providers config code
    Data returned from SR backend to new SR web-ui is json using camelCase naming conventions
    Refactored how censored items are generatored and handled for log events
    Updated CI script
    Fixed seeders / leechers for IPTorrents
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