Commit 059e4cc8 authored by Dustyn Gibson's avatar Dustyn Gibson
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Network timezones loaded from git submodule

parent ec20cb9a
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ from sickbeard import db
from sickbeard import helpers
from sickbeard import logger
from sickbeard import encodingKludge as ek
from sickbeard.exceptions import ex
from os.path import basename, join, isfile
import os
import re
......@@ -72,31 +73,34 @@ def _update_zoneinfo():
global sb_timezone
sb_timezone = tz.tzlocal()
# now check if the zoneinfo needs update
url_zv = ''
# TODO `git submodule update`
# now check if the zoneinfo needs update form the git submodule
loc_zv = 'lib/network_timezones/zoneinfo.txt'
# Read version file
url_data = helpers.getURL(url_zv)
if not url_data:
with open(loc_zv, 'r') as file:
data =
if not data:
# Filename of existing zoneinfo
if lib.dateutil.zoneinfo.ZONEINFOFILE is not None:
cur_zoneinfo = ek.ek(basename, lib.dateutil.zoneinfo.ZONEINFOFILE)
cur_zoneinfo = None
(new_zoneinfo, zoneinfo_md5) = url_data.decode('utf-8').strip().rsplit(u' ')
# When urlData is None, trouble connecting to github
logger.log(u'Loading zoneinfo.txt failed, this can happen from time to time. Unable to get URL: %s' % url_zv,
# Filename and hash of new zoneinfo
(new_zoneinfo, zoneinfo_md5) = data.decode('utf-8').strip().rsplit(u' ')
except Exception as e:
logger.log(u'Crazy problem with zoneinfo: %s' % ex(e), logger.ERROR)
if (cur_zoneinfo is not None) and (new_zoneinfo == cur_zoneinfo):
# now load the new zoneinfo
url_tar = u'' % new_zoneinfo
loc_tar = u'lib/network_timezones/%s' % new_zoneinfo
zonefile = helpers.real_path(ek.ek(join, ek.ek(os.path.dirname, lib.dateutil.zoneinfo.__file__), new_zoneinfo))
zonefile_tmp = re.sub(r'\.tar\.gz$', '.tmp', zonefile)
......@@ -108,7 +112,7 @@ def _update_zoneinfo():
logger.log(u'Unable to delete: %s' % zonefile_tmp, logger.ERROR)
if not helpers.download_file(url_tar, zonefile_tmp):
if not helpers.copyFile(loc_tar, zonefile_tmp):
if not ek.ek(os.path.exists, zonefile_tmp):
......@@ -147,18 +151,19 @@ def update_network_dict():
d = {}
# network timezones are stored on github pages
url = ''
# network timezones are stored in a git submodule
loc = 'lib/network_timezones/network_timezones.txt'
with open(loc, 'r') as file:
data =
url_data = helpers.getURL(url)
if url_data is None:
# When urlData is None, trouble connecting to github
logger.log(u'Updating network timezones failed, this can happen from time to time. URL: %s' % url, logger.WARNING)
if data is None:
logger.log(u'Updating network timezones failed', logger.ERROR)
for line in url_data.splitlines():
for line in data.splitlines():
(key, val) = line.decode('utf-8').strip().rsplit(u':', 1)
if key is None or val is None:
......@@ -486,7 +486,7 @@ def xem_refresh(indexer_id, indexer, force=False):
if refresh or force:
u'Looking up XEM scene mapping using for show %s on %s' % (indexer_id, sickbeard.indexerApi(indexer).name,),
u'Looking up XEM scene mapping for show %s on %s' % (indexer_id, sickbeard.indexerApi(indexer).name,),
# mark refreshed
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