Commit 149d52ee authored by echel0n's avatar echel0n
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Fixed CI script and merge issues between develop and master branches

parent c9b8cf8d
......@@ -109,19 +109,23 @@ release_build_master:
- apk add --no-cache git gcc libffi-dev python3-dev musl-dev openssl-dev
- git config --global $(git --no-pager show -s --format='%ae' HEAD)
- git config --global $(git --no-pager show -s --format='%an' HEAD)
- yarn install --pure-lockfile --cache-folder .yarn-cache
- git reset --hard
- pip install bumpversion
- pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
- RELEASE_VERSION=$(bumpversion --dry-run --list release | awk -F= '/new_version=/ { print $2 }')
- bumpversion --allow-dirty release package.json sickrage/version.txt
- git checkout -b release-$(cat sickrage/version.txt)
- npx auto-changelog -v $(cat sickrage/version.txt) --hide-credit --package --commit-limit false --ignore-commit-pattern \[TASK\].*
- npx auto-changelog -v $RELEASE_VERSION --hide-credit --package --commit-limit false --ignore-commit-pattern \[TASK\].*
- yarn install --pure-lockfile --cache-folder .yarn-cache
- yarn run build
- python
- git checkout -b release/$RELEASE_VERSION
- git fetch --all
- git add --all
- git commit -m "[TASK] Releasing v$(cat sickrage/version.txt)"
- git fetch . release-$(cat sickrage/version.txt):master
- git fetch . release-$(cat sickrage/version.txt):develop
- git tag -a $(cat sickrage/version.txt) -m "Release v$(cat sickrage/version.txt) master"
- git commit -m "[TASK] Releasing v$RELEASE_VERSION"
- git checkout master
- git fetch --all
- git merge --ff-only release/$RELEASE_VERSION
- git tag -a $RELEASE_VERSION -m "Release v$RELEASE_VERSION master"
- git push https://$GIT_ACCESS_USER:[email protected]$CI_SERVER_HOST/$CI_PROJECT_PATH.git HEAD:master --follow-tags
- git checkout develop
- bumpversion --allow-dirty patch package.json sickrage/version.txt
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