Commit 15a76f27 authored by Dustyn Gibson's avatar Dustyn Gibson
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Don't raise exception when no token set or server unavailable

Fix Out of order arguments when retrying traktRequest on codes 401, 502
Persist session in the object instance, supply cacert path as verify= instead of True when not disable_ssl_verify
@fernandog can you test this please?
parent c31ba033
from lib import requests
import requests
import certifi
import json
import sickbeard
import time
......@@ -8,7 +9,8 @@ from exceptions import traktException, traktAuthException, traktServerBusy
class TraktAPI():
def __init__(self, disable_ssl_verify=False, timeout=30):
self.verify = not disable_ssl_verify
self.session = requests.Session()
self.verify = certifi.where() if not disable_ssl_verify else False
self.timeout = timeout if timeout else None
self.auth_url = sickbeard.TRAKT_OAUTH_URL
self.api_url = sickbeard.TRAKT_API_URL
......@@ -19,21 +21,21 @@ class TraktAPI():
def traktToken(self, trakt_pin=None, refresh=False, count=0):
if count > 3:
sickbeard.TRAKT_ACCESS_TOKEN = ''
return False
elif count > 0:
data = {
'client_id': sickbeard.TRAKT_API_KEY,
'client_secret': sickbeard.TRAKT_API_SECRET,
'redirect_uri': 'urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob'
if refresh:
data['grant_type'] = 'refresh_token'
data['refresh_token'] = sickbeard.TRAKT_REFRESH_TOKEN
......@@ -41,11 +43,11 @@ class TraktAPI():
data['grant_type'] = 'authorization_code'
if not None == trakt_pin:
data['code'] = trakt_pin
headers = {
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
resp = self.traktRequest('oauth/token', data=data, headers=headers, url=self.auth_url , method='POST', count=count)
if 'access_token' in resp:
......@@ -54,34 +56,32 @@ class TraktAPI():
sickbeard.TRAKT_REFRESH_TOKEN = resp['refresh_token']
return True
return False
def validateAccount(self):
resp = self.traktRequest('users/settings')
if 'account' in resp:
return True
return False
def traktRequest(self, path, data=None, headers=None, url=None, method='GET',count=0):
def traktRequest(self, path, data=None, headers=None, url=None, method='GET', count=0):
if None == url:
url = self.api_url + path
url = url + path
url = self.api_url
count = count + 1
if None == headers:
headers = self.headers
if None == sickbeard.TRAKT_ACCESS_TOKEN:
logger.log(u'You must get a Trakt TOKEN. Check your Trakt settings', logger.WARNING)
raise traktAuthException(e)
return {}
headers['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' + sickbeard.TRAKT_ACCESS_TOKEN
resp = requests.request(method, url, headers=headers, timeout=self.timeout,
resp = session.request(method, url + path, headers=headers, timeout=self.timeout,
data=json.dumps(data) if data else [], verify=self.verify)
# check for http errors and raise if any are present
......@@ -98,16 +98,16 @@ class TraktAPI():
elif code == 502:
# Retry the request, cloudflare had a proxying issue
logger.log(u'Retrying trakt api request: %s' % path, logger.WARNING)
return self.traktRequest(path, data, headers, method)
return self.traktRequest(path, data, headers, url, method)
elif code == 401:
logger.log(u'Unauthorized. Please check your Trakt settings', logger.WARNING)
if self.traktToken(refresh=True,count=count):
return self.traktRequest(path, data, url, method)
if self.traktToken(refresh=True, count=count):
return self.traktRequest(path, data, headers, url, method)
raise traktAuthException(e)
elif code in (500,501,503,504,520,521,522):
logger.log(u'Trakt may have some issues and it\'s unavailable. Try again later please', logger.WARNING)
raise traktServerBusy(e)
return {}
raise traktException(e)
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