Commit 2a333c3f authored by Dustyn Gibson's avatar Dustyn Gibson
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Missed a session for cachecontrol

parent ae336d85
......@@ -496,7 +496,8 @@ def xem_refresh(indexer_id, indexer, force=False):
{'indexer_id': indexer_id})
parsedJSON = sickbeard.helpers.getURL(url, json=True)
from .scene_numbering import xem_session
parsedJSON = sickbeard.helpers.getURL(url, session=xem_session, json=True)
if not parsedJSON or parsedJSON == '':
logger.log(u'No XEM data for show "%s on %s"' % (indexer_id, sickbeard.indexerApi(indexer).name,), logger.INFO)
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