Commit 34e22ae4 authored by echel0n's avatar echel0n

Fixed issues with mass editing show search format and default episode status

parent 1cb25944
......@@ -197,10 +197,10 @@ def edit_show(series_id, any_qualities, best_qualities, exceptions_list, locatio
show_obj.paused = paused
show_obj.anime = anime
show_obj.scene = scene
show_obj.search_format = SearchFormat[search_format]
show_obj.search_format = search_format
show_obj.subtitles = subtitles
show_obj.sub_use_sr_metadata = sub_use_sr_metadata
show_obj.default_ep_status = EpisodeStatus[default_ep_status]
show_obj.default_ep_status = default_ep_status
show_obj.skip_downloaded = skip_downloaded
# If directCall from mass_edit_update no scene exceptions handling or black and white list handling
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