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23281: 'Pawn Stars',
24749: 'UFC',
31068: 'Wikileaks The Secret Life Of A Superpower',
46444: 'National Geographic-Hitler the Junkie', 'Hitler the Junkie',
## SickRage scene exceptions list for TVRage ##
The exceptions.txt file contains the Scene exceptions for the TVRage indexer.
Lines are build-up out of 2 parts. :
```23281: 'Pawn Stars', ```
First part is the show number. This number can be found at the end of the TVRage link in the show page.
(For example
Second part is the alternative (scene) name that up-loaders use for there torrents/NZBs files.
If up-loaders are using multiple names for the same show, than you can add more scene names for one show. :
46444: 'National Geographic-Hitler the Junkie', 'Hitler the Junkie',
** Before submitting make sure the show number is for TVRage not TVDB.! **
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