Commit 7d436fab authored by echel0n's avatar echel0n
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Fixed issue with post-processing via API v1 cmd

parent 20e0a1c0
......@@ -1175,7 +1175,7 @@ class CMD_PostProcess(ApiCall):
self.path, args = self.check_params("path", None, False, "string", [], *args, **kwargs)
self.force_replace, args = self.check_params("force_replace", False, False, "bool", [], *args, **kwargs)
self.return_data, args = self.check_params("return_data", False, False, "bool", [], *args, **kwargs)
self.process_method, args = self.check_params("process_method", ProcessMethod.COPY, False, "string", [ for x in ProcessMethod], *args, **kwargs)
self.process_method, args = self.check_params("process_method",, False, "string", [ for x in ProcessMethod], *args, **kwargs)
self.is_priority, args = self.check_params("is_priority", False, False, "bool", [], *args, **kwargs)
self.delete, args = self.check_params("delete", False, False, "bool", [], *args, **kwargs)
self.failed, args = self.check_params("failed", False, False, "bool", [], *args, **kwargs)
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