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[TASK] Pre-Releasing v9.4.212.dev5

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......@@ -2,37 +2,12 @@
##Thu Apr 23 2020 15:51:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
## Bug Fixes
- Fixed status code comparison logic in SR API client class for handling of http error codes between 500 and 600
([2cf0ebdd](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/2cf0ebdd940123eba8db75548e7f0b5d99777d51))
## Features
- Feature added to view logs in realtime from log view
([0865b232](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/0865b2326717524730f3c9ebec145684c019f7b0))
##Thu Apr 23 2020 17:07:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
## Refactor
- Refactored fifo list to collections deque in search queue class Refactored how logs view uses max lines Refactored queue class to fire events using threads instead of ioloop Refactored how scheduler jobs are forced to execute on request
([c2378437](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/c2378437376729f0d96accc9ee80d4ec0e659827))
- Refactored gitlab ci/cd to push only annotated tags with commits
([c5737a55](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/c5737a557dab2aadc6843194fefef4d28a397008))
- Refactored how web session class performs retries on connection errors
([c1352ac6](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/c1352ac639de15067e482e141ea07fef367c398f))
## Chore
- Chore - Upgraded javascript modules for building core web functions
([98699252](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/9869925269cf8f09830f89dd4b99e21e02dc40e5))
- Refactored RSSCACHE updated to be threaded
([faa8baf6](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/faa8baf693a1b79c7f24ab9522a65b925cb4e984))
"name": "sickrage",
"version": "9.4.212.dev4",
"version": "9.4.212.dev5",
"private": true,
"repository": {
"type": "git",
current_version = 9.4.212.dev4
current_version = 9.4.212.dev5
commit = False
tag = False
parse = (?P<major>\d+)\.(?P<minor>\d+)\.(?P<patch>\d+)(\.(?P<release>[a-z]+)(?P<dev>\d+))?
\ No newline at end of file
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