Commit c00c6fc5 authored by Dustyn Gibson's avatar Dustyn Gibson
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Remove submodules

parent 6b075cfc
[submodule "lib/network_timezones"]
path = lib/network_timezones
url =
[submodule "lib/scene_exceptions/tvrage"]
path = lib/scene_exceptions/tvrage
url =
[submodule "lib/scene_exceptions/tvdb"]
path = lib/scene_exceptions/tvdb
url =
Subproject commit d269c99ae066d69c4f78e205ba4b29151f158975
Subproject commit 691c816a407a44d2458be71d19509d2b038db594
Subproject commit d2bbe1280fbbb6f5c1aeefbc2aee51efe70bb8c7
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