Commit c484e5e3 authored by echel0n's avatar echel0n
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During config file migration to config database, initial user is granted superuser permissions now

parent 88b4cdff
......@@ -639,6 +639,7 @@ class Config(object):
self.user.username = self._get_config_file_value(config_object, 'General', 'web_username', default=self.user.username, field_type=str)
self.user.password = self._get_config_file_value(config_object, 'General', 'web_password', default=self.user.password, field_type=str)
self.user.sub_id = self._get_config_file_value(config_object, 'General', 'sub_id', default=self.user.sub_id, field_type=str)
self.user.permissions = UserPermission.SUPERUSER
self.general.server_id = self._get_config_file_value(config_object, 'General', 'server_id', default=self.general.server_id, field_type=str)
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