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[TASK] Pre-Releasing v9.4.212.dev2

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......@@ -2,24 +2,16 @@
##Tue Apr 21 2020 07:37:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
##Wed Apr 22 2020 00:02:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
## Bug Fixes
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4CE - name variable empty when searching API for IMDb ID caused 404 Client Error
([50164fb3](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/50164fb347c3cfc2b881f7db6f429387e9068dc8))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4D9 - local variable 'title' referenced before assignment in immortalseed provider code caused by typo
([b72ad6fb](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/b72ad6fb7fd07398098cf7d7ec1ec1b83e212b2a))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4C1 - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_episode' error when getting episode search strings during a provider search due to show being deleted
([d4556399](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/d4556399f8435791bcda99038079976e2da4850a))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4CS - '<' not supported between instances of 'str' and '' when trying to view scheduler using API
([aa68d6ee](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/aa68d6ee9a01aab214343536e724d5100927b1b1))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4D3 - NoResultFound error when performing query for count of episodes snatched
([925202b1](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/925202b12d3fdc1ce75665f594cd9398c5740a7f))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4D4 - (sqlite3.OperationalError) database is locked error when attempted to set WAL mode
([7f828da7](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/7f828da736df5ffd88080366d58193afc466ba25))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4CH - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get' when trying to get image key types from TheTVDB API
([abe80172](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/abe801727c2f664152fb727f8279d8d4a1188c55))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4C0 - Added handling of all tarfile errors when attempting to download source files via version updater
([d8c62ddc](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/d8c62ddc0ff18ffb365540e2c24abb6535433174))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-46H - Added SR API HTTP error handling for status codes 500 to 600
([5ff619c5](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/5ff619c5dd8bffde4929b54930185518ef7f6a58))
- Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-4D7 - ConnectionError handling added to web session class, will retry request 3 times
([2ba9cc6b](https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/commit/2ba9cc6bd5fff3c2b7a1a09955b79ddaa23096a5))
"name": "sickrage",
"version": "9.4.212.dev1",
"version": "9.4.212.dev2",
"private": true,
"repository": {
"type": "git",
current_version = 9.4.212.dev1
current_version = 9.4.212.dev2
commit = False
tag = False
parse = (?P<major>\d+)\.(?P<minor>\d+)\.(?P<patch>\d+)(\.(?P<release>[a-z]+)(?P<dev>\d+))?
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
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