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      Fixed AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'is_scene' in scene_numbering code. · ee458bd2
      echel0n authored
      Show root dirs can not be set from general config menu.
      Mass editing shows now has the ability to delete root dirs as well as edit them.
      Daily search no longer is restricted to just 1 week of results for searching from which now allows for replacing lower quality downloads with higher quality ones if available.
      RSS Cache is updated for each provider on demand now when performing manual, failed, backlog, or daily searches.
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      Added per-provider options search mode and search fallback. · e96035ff
      echel0n authored
      Search mode allows you to choose season packs only or episodes only which controls how backlogs search for data.
      Search fallback if selected will attempt a 2nd search this time using the alternative search mode to see if it can get results if the previous attempt failed.
      Provider settings are now read and stored dynamically instead of always having to retrieve them by there static names, this will allow for dropping in new provider modules easier to intergrate with existing options already present.
      Fixed search code to not perform dupe searches by mistake.
      Cache stores a list of shows we have rejected so that next time around we don't have to process them to know we don't like em.
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      Fixes backlog and manual searches. · fc942435
      echel0n authored
      Fixes season pack and single/multi episode searches.
      Fixes multi-threading issues.
      Fixes incorrect status being reported for manual searches.
      Fixes quality being returned as N/A all the time for torrents.
  25. 05 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixes issues with findpropers and airdate. · a5b72dea
      echel0n authored
      Fixes issues with unhashable dict types.
      Fixes issues with 100% CPU usage.
      Fixes issues with RSS feed cache.
      Fixes issues with scene numbering and converting back to indexer numbering.
      Fixes issues with backlog searches.
      Fixes issues with season pack searches.
      Fixes issues with BTN.
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      Re-coded the Indexer cache, cache lookups are only performed for existing... · 87b752b4
      echel0n authored
      Re-coded the Indexer cache, cache lookups are only performed for existing shows and we don't add any cache entries unless we are Indexing the show in our database so we don't waste cpu cycles and memory.
      Manual and backlog searches both search the cache first before even attempting to send a search request to a provider.
      More bugs have been worked out.
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      Re-write of Indexer API wrapper · 95d7d728
      echel0n authored
      Re-write of New Show seearch function
      Re-write of Existing show search helper function for determining indexer/indexerid
      Massive code cleanup and more bugs found and fixed
      Indexer code fully modualized for future proofing
  36. 10 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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      Welcome to our SickBeard-TVRage Edition ... · 0d9fbc1a
      echel0n authored
      This version of SickBeard uses both TVDB and TVRage to search and gather it's series data from allowing you to now have access to and download shows that you couldn't before because of being locked into only what TheTVDB had to offer.
      Also this edition is based off the code we used in our XEM editon so it does come with scene numbering support as well as all the other features our XEM edition has to offer.
      Please before using this with your existing database (sickbeard.db) please make a backup copy of it and delete any other database files such as cache.db and failed.db if present, we HIGHLY recommend starting out with no database files at all to make this a fresh start but the choice is at your own risk!