1. 16 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  2. 15 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Added static file handlers for new Web-UI to web server · 0e0ec76a
      echel0n authored
      Split API endpoints into v1 and v2
      Refactored allowed web methods to include PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS
      Refactored allowed web headers to include content-type and authorization
      Added new series API v2 endpoints
      Refactored TVShow airs_next, airs_prev, episodes_unaired, episodes_snatched, episodes_downloaded, and episodes_special methods
      Added new TVShow method epsiodes_total to speed-up main show page load times
      Added marshmallow to de-serialize SQLAlchemy data for sending back to UI frontend
      Added config API v2 endpoint
      Converted statusStrings from UserDict to built-in dict without composite splitting
      Added IMDbInfo Schema to output json to frontend
      Added API v2 Authorization header handling to connect frontend to backend securely
      Added API v2 patch method for updating series data
      Added API v2 JSON error handler
      Refactored how web async calls are done
      Added allowed and preferred qualities props to show object
      Added poster and banner props to show object
      Added to_json method to both show and episode objects
      Refactored show object get_overview function into episode object overview property
      Added episode manual search API v2 endpoint
      Added series episodes rename API v2 endpoint
      Refactored languages API endpoint for TheTVDB API client
      Refactored indexerAPI indexers function to return list of indexers
      Added file browser API v2 endpoint
      Updated requirements.txt to work with Python 3.9.x
      SR Auth certs are now grabbed and stored to avoid rate-limit issues
      Added series API v2 endpoint to add new shows
      Added retrieve series metadata API v2 endpoint
      Fixed parsing seeders/leechers for IPTorrents
      Updated URL for gktorrents
  3. 09 Sep, 2020 1 commit
  4. 31 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Fixed issue with scene_season being non-integer · eb54e81c
      echel0n authored
      Fixed issue #SICKRAGE-APP-5TZ - NoResultFound exception not handled in get_indexer_absolute_numbering function, not returns -1 when exception is thrown
      Fixed issue #SICKRAGE-APP-5YH - FakeUserAgentError exception not handled when attempting to get a random user agent string for core web sessions, now returns default SR user agent string if exception is thrown
      Fixed issue #SICKRAGE-APP-5XV - NoneType possibly returned when getting season/episode numbering from episode object due to improper comparison
      Fixed issue #SICKRAGE-APP-5XE - AttributeError occurrence when trying to split show scene exceptions data by delimiter if previously never set
      Fixed issue #SICKRAGE-APP-5ZS - TypeError thrown due to episode status being set as a string instead of a integer
  5. 03 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5SW - StatementError sqlalchemy.dialects.sqlite.base in process · 14196682
      echel0n authored
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5SY - IntegrityError sqlalchemy.engine.default in do_execute
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5SH - AttributeError sickrage.notifiers.plex in update_library
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5T6 - KeyError sickrage.core.tv.show in delete_show
      Misc fixes for app API
      Refactored Plex notifier client
      Added default web session timeout of 15s
      Lowered core external API timeout to 15s
      Wording correcting in notifications.mako
  6. 01 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  7. 31 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  8. 29 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Added code to check_requirements core function to compare install requirement... · bdf74b0e
      echel0n authored
      Added code to check_requirements core function to compare install requirement versions to requirements.txt, if installed version older then update or if not installed then install
      Added code to cleanup dupe scene season/episode/absolute numbering from main database
      Added code to prevent dupe scene numbering being set on episodes
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5HH - KeyError in sickrage.providers.torrent.torrentz in search method
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5JC - IndexError in sickrage.providers.torrent.hdspace in parse method
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5HW - AttributeError in sickrage.core.tv.show in want_episode method
      Fixed MultipleResultsFound when using scene_numbering get_indexer_numbering method to map scene season/episode to indexer season/episode numbering
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5K7 - RuntimeError in sickrage.core.websocket in push method
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5MH - AttributeError in sickrage.providers in <listcomp>
      Fixed #SICKRAGE-APP-5J2 - AttributeError in sickrage.clients.torrent.transmission in _get_auth method
      Removed unrequired scene_numbering table from main database
      Fixed issue with nulled booleans being stored in main database TV shows table
      Fixed issue with add existing shows and show object not being populated into core show cache
  9. 25 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Added xem_season and xem_episode columns to TVEpisodes table · 03e8ad39
      echel0n authored
      Fixed issue with invalid episodes being created, refactored episodes to be added to database only when calling episode object save function
      Refactored default value for scene_season, scene_episode, scene_absolute_number, xem_season, xem_episode, and xem_absolute_number to be -1
      Refactored TVShow class to save it self only when its save function is called
      Fixed missing scene_value variable
      Added functions to TVEpisode class to logically return indexer, scene, or XEM season/episode/absolute numbering
      Fixed column offset for show display page
  10. 24 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  11. 23 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  12. 22 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Added scene column back into TV show table · 73b8debb
      echel0n authored
      Bumped main database version to 13
      Added scene option throughout SiCKRAGE
      Added lock to queue worker, acquire and release lock when notifying workers
      Fixed issue with removing episode from show episode cache
      Removed QuickSearch cache class and database tables, using data to populate quicksearch entries from main database instead
  13. 11 Jul, 2020 2 commits
  14. 29 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  15. 15 May, 2020 1 commit
  16. 03 May, 2020 1 commit
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      Refactored exception handling for search providers · 0ab3a377
      echel0n authored
      Refactored core web session exception handling
      Feature added that allows searching episodes by collection format
      Refactored name parser match scoring
      Refactored name parser regex placement for mvgroup
      Refactored show search types into SearchFormats class
      Refactored main db to v12 and added in code to migrate old-style show search options to new-style show search formats
      Refactored core API web session exception handling
      Refactored providers by removing archetorrent and elitetorrent
      Fixed season folder show option, needs to be invested as it controls flattening of folders show option
      Refactored requirements.txt, updated misc packages
  17. 21 Apr, 2020 3 commits
  18. 20 Apr, 2020 2 commits
  19. 19 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  20. 16 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  21. 03 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  22. 29 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  23. 28 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  24. 23 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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      Moved scene exceptions to be a TVShows table column in database. · 104163bd
      echel0n authored
      Added SR API endpoints for scene exception retrieval.
      Added scene_exceptions and last_scene_exceptions_refresh properties to TVShow class.
      Added retrieval of scene exceptions method to TVShow class.
      Added get_scene_exception_by_name to TVShow class.
      Added get_scene_exception_by_season to TVShow class.
      Added update_scene_exceptions to TVShow class.
      Fixed charmap issue with AniDB.
  25. 09 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  26. 07 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  27. 03 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  28. 01 Mar, 2020 2 commits
  29. 28 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  30. 27 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  31. 23 Feb, 2020 3 commits
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      Refactored shows cache to populate after database init. · 77cbb467
      echel0n authored
      Refactored TVShow class to use get_episode instead of calling TVEpisode class directly when populating shows episode cache.
      Removed type hints for now, will make a project of adding type hints later on.
      Refactored ajax calls for episode search status to always pass a series ID.
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      Added shows attribute to application class to cache TVShow objects and persist. · a61903db
      echel0n authored
      Refactored episodes attribute on TVShow objects to cache TVEpisode objects and persist.
      Refactored usage and removed get_all_episodes method from TVShow class.
      Refactored total show size to account for multipart-episodes.
      Added delete_episode method to TVShow class to remove episode from shows episode cache.
      Refactored usage of TVEpisode class method delete_episode to be called by TVShow method delete_episode instead of directly.
      Fixed endpoint call for getting annoucements from SR API.
  32. 19 Feb, 2020 2 commits