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      v8.8.5 · cc40f718
      echel0n authored
      Fixed shabang line
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      NEW: Rewrote the startup/restat/shutdown of the app to utilize tornado's... · f1f73a40
      echel0n authored
      NEW: Rewrote the startup/restat/shutdown of the app to utilize tornado's ioloop and autoreload features.
      NEW: Replaced scheduler with APScheduler.
      NEW: Rewrote provider modules to create dynamic instances on the fly and switched to using dicts.
      NEW: Removed libs folder and created requirements.txt for installing required libs
      NEW: Added in v2 API access for theTVDB.com to support better searches.
      FIX: Corrected several filenaming pep8 issues.
      FIX: Seperated variables from core code in main __init__ file.
      FIX: Fixed several bugs related to metadata parsing.
      Many additions, correctios, and bugfixes have gone into this beta release for me to list so please use with caution as always and enjoy!
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      Partial Revert 1253 · c0aa41fe
      TagForce authored
      - Reverts changes made to failedProcessor.py by PR 1253
      - Fixes miscelaneous errors on setting a single episode to failed.
  25. 29 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  26. 16 Dec, 2014 1 commit
  27. 19 Sep, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixed SearchFailedDownload when selecting multiple ep's as failed in displayShow · a4c8c53c
      KontiSR authored
      Searched for other occurrences for the search_queue.FailedQueueItem() call.
      Changed segment to [segment]
      The failedDownloadQueueItem always expects a single epObj in the segment. But when checking multiple episodes as "Failed" in displayShow, an array is provided. I've changed the queueItem to always iterate over it as an array. And i've made sure that when retry a single episode, it's also send to the queueItem as an array (with a single element).
      I've had to adapt the queuing functionality in webserve for this.
  28. 07 Sep, 2014 1 commit
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  30. 15 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixed issues with editing/saving custom scene exceptions. · d02c0bd6
      echel0n authored
      Fixed charmap issues for anime show names.
      Fixed issues with display show page and epCat key errors.
      Fixed duplicate log messages for clearing provider caches.
      Fixed issues with email notifier ep names not properly being encoded to UTF-8.
      TVDB<->TVRAGE Indexer ID mapping is now performed on demand to be used when needed such as newznab providers can be searched with tvrage_id's and some will return tvrage_id's that later can be used to create show objects from for faster and more accurate name parsing, mapping is done via Trakt API calls.
      Added stop event signals to schedualed tasks, SR now waits indefinate till task has been fully stopped before completing a restart or shutdown event.
      NameParserCache is now persistent and stores 200 parsed results at any given time for quicker lookups and better performance, this helps maintain results between updates or shutdown/startup events.
      Black and White lists for anime now only get used for anime shows as intended, performance gain for non-anime shows that dont need to load these lists.
      Internal name cache now builds it self on demand when needed per show request plus checks if show is already in cache and if true exits routine to save time.
      Schedualer and QueueItems classes are now a sub-class of threading.Thread and a stop threading event signal has been added to each.
      If I forgot to list something it doesn't mean its not fixed so please test and report back if anything is wrong or has been corrected by this new release.
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  35. 26 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixed issues with post-processing. · f7b11e1e
      echel0n authored
      Fixed issue with priority post-processing, bug would allow 2nd attempt to go through even if priority settings were not selected.
      Fixed issues with cache retrieval and storing of provider results, properly stored now with season and ep info converted to indexer numbering.
      Fixed a bug that was caching unconverted scene numbered files for post-processing causing us to skip converting them when needed.