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  • v4.0.76.1   Add torrentz provider Fix a few small problems with HDT, MTV, Strike, BTDigg, TorrentProject, NextGen Fix mass edit for season foldersm (previously opposite, flatten folders) Fix auto PP and scene naming setting.
    440ed76b · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.76   Added Scene Quality naming pattern (%SQN) that determines codec and capitalized release groups option (%CRG) Fix a place where non-release groups were not stripped from release names (effects many parts of SR) Fix detection of no results for torrentbytes and add support for size and freelech Update dateutil to 9645c3d Fix bad encoding in HDT Temp change TPB url to a mirror-proxy
    e10f8dff · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.7   Fix subtitle language flags in manageSubtitleMissed, and subtitles language settings Fix logging warnings when kodi is off but sickbeard.KODI_ALWAYS_ON is false Fix data encoding for kat and ettv Fix some errors with what episodes are displayed in the schedule and when Fix error when a show doesnt have a defined network or air day/time
    7b6040b3 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.6   Add legendas.tv subtitle provider Add ability to enter login details for opensubtitles, addic7ed, and legendas.tv Add ability to select in gui whether you want hearing impaired subtitles or not Add RSS search for Torrent Project provider Increase delay between RSS updates for RARBG from 5 minutes to 10 Better searching for SCC with less requests, add size parsing for SCC Allow 480p qualities without SDTV/HDTV tag to be detected as SDTV Improve logic in Schedule Add special thanks section to readme.md Add ability to set the time when SR makes your morning coffee
    b6048690 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.5   Update Tornado to v4.2.1 Fix problems with metadata file generation effecting all metadata types, like parsing actors Another stage of refactoring and bugfixing for providers, nearing a unified format Reorganize post processing settings, and new layout for editting a show Add support for detecting quality of German WebHD releases Use human readable bytes to show root dirs and download dir free space Various encoding fixes, linting, catching of unhandled exceptions
    56fd7a94 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.4   Small fixes
    569b1488 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.3   Add rudimentary support for Jackett/Torznab Change various log messages Fix a few provider bugs (nextgen, TPB, Kat Hide enable_backlog for dailysearch only providers Change default settings for providers
    3baef95a · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.2   Add bitcannon provider (see bitcannon.io) Fix hdbits errors Add some network logos
    e1bf8412 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75.1   Add option to only download english releases on TNTVillage Check that the file being processed exists after unrar. Updated subliminal to 1.1.0.dev0 Added no_setup patch for subliminal Added napiprojekt subtitles provider Fix a few bugs
    9eb3d66a · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.75   Fixed an issue with quality pills titles Fixed bug with anime without english names and no b/w list. Fix several providers (kat/tokyoshokan/extratorrent/+) Update to subliminal 1.0.1 Added some network logos Fix kodi 12+ metadata creation Removed silly feature (originally an intentional bug really?) Change some log output to make it more clear and less intrusive
    ad7dc834 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.74.1   Various hotfixes for providers Fix bool/int discrepancy in webapi
    85df569d · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.74   Fix kat/tpb by temp reverting params usage in requests Added more history page limits (careful with low memory!) Fix bug causing redownload of episodes when archive on first match Fixes for updater Only show appropriate error menus Dont show logout when auth is disabled Remove line in split buttons on navbar (they are still split) Dont wrap quality pills Add column filter widget to schedule table Remove tvrage network images Mass changes for log messages Hella changes to providers, working to a more uniform provider template Add some missing logos for networks Make tests work individually Fix dupe id tag in nfo after every show update Fix actors not being added to newly created tvshow.nfo Improve issue submitter code, matching repetitive issues by regex, better ui notifications and info
    4ce05112 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.73.1   Fix updater when auto updater is not enabled. Always check news, even without force. Fix check whether an issue is locked or not. Had to dig in raw json response from github to expose it.
    2380148b · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.73   Move "Archive on first match" next to quality setting in addShow Add bower build and management system for js Redirect to /errorlogs/viewlog/ when clearing errors Handle locked issues in issue submitter Added npm package for grunt Clean warning logs in providers a bit Fixup .gitignore Add SATRip to SDTV Add [EtHD] to removewordlist Clear cache/sessions and cache/indexers on restore
    6f972dee · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.72   Fix CHECKVERSION mktime error for checking news Fix page title and header on missed subtitles page Remove manage submenu (use the nav items) Fix SD.?TV release tag detection Add time to date in coming episodes Add bootstrp anchor in history to link direct to the episode in displayshow Add missing cache breaks Fix typos Fix viewlog disabled inputs
    8985c2f3 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.71   Update readme Relax matching regex for release names a bit to help them match better Move new, IRC, logs, and support/donate to tools menu Add "Warnings" log view. Both Error log and Warning log menu item are hidden if there are no error. Notify user when There is new news, errors, warnings in the navbar. Fix airdate calc in backlogOverview, home, displayShow, etc so they are all calculated the same way Really fix unrar2 Rename Coming Episodes to Schedule update isotope
    8b23076c · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.70   Add different muxed release types to match qualities Rename "current" to "today" in Coming Episodes Add "Archive on first match" to manage/mass edit and add show Make shows navbar item a dropdown again Split menu dropdowns to fix problems with touch devices Remove submenu items that are in navmenu now that they work on touch Fix various js bugs and missing js files. (saving config items, subtitles providers saving, popup for remove show, etc) Also show season dir in file name column Remove UNKNOWN from Any quality Update xmltodict and six Update unrar2 and patch to fix date format bug Fix airdate bug in mako Fix sorting with/without articles Auto convert bare archived status to compound status (will be Archived Unknown if file is missing) Remove auto-refresh, preparing to use ajax Fix missing statuses in episode status management and layout issue Fix bugs in kat and extratorrent and TTN Removed fancybox and moment.js, updated jquery Attempt fixing mako error after update Mass linting and cleanup
    f8da2f08 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.69.1   Use enzyme to directly detect embedded subtitles instead of subliminal Add DVDMux & BDMux as valid SDDVD qualities Fix for when seeders/Leechers is "---" instead of a number Add missing config settings to UI to not create show folder when adding a show, and auto create show folder on PP Try to fix db compare issues for updater Fix mass edit and 'keep' as selected setting Re-add cursor wait while SR is fetching all logs Improve the way quality pill class is generated for custom qualities
    ec887f38 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.69   Add extratorrent.cc and TorrentProject providers Rework kat and tpb providers, fixed tpb not working and wrong propers Fixed fnt provider auth, xthor search url Ignore thumbnail dirs on qnap and syno Fix missing filebrowser for backup/restore Fix hashbangs in autoProcessTV, tests, and indexer_exceptions to point to python2.7 Also fix python binary paths in runscripts to point to python2.7 explicitly Implemented saving archive on first match option as default when adding shows Fixed displayShow date format Get trackers for torrentproject results dynamically Update readme and contributing about feathub Changed error->warning for not enough enabled services in subtitles Update pylockfile to 4a7a20d91c44d2be6396be5fc64d27b0b5afa4e2 Force CacheControl to use MkdirLockFile (fixes unraid and other systems with linklock problems) Fixed missing import in webapi Fix for wrong subtitle language codes Fixed qualityChooser not expanding custom qualities fields Temp fix for config_subtitles New API builder, Lint new API Builder Removed fuzzydate and library Multiple JS fixes and refactoring Add id= to header tags in markdown2 Make daemon mode always set umask to 0 (convention, bugfix) Updated 6box logos & added ALL brazilian networks logos Moved js out of mako and linted Fixed subtitle recognition with single language Update pkg_resources.py (fixes installs on systems without distutils) Fix not being able to set status to compound archived qualities Fix leak when testing "if int(status) in statusStrings" more...
    5aac5803 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.68   https://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/SickRage/compare/v4.0.67...v4.0.68
    f913285d · Merge branch 'develop' ·