Commit 41ce8ac8 authored by echel0n's avatar echel0n

Merge branch 'fix-issue-425' into 'develop'

Fixes issue #425 - converting air-by-date to episode ID when multiple episodes...

See merge request !25
parents 1ac197e7 831fbb18
......@@ -617,6 +617,9 @@ class PostProcessor(object):
episode_object = session.query(TVEpisode).filter_by(showid=parse_result.indexer_id, airdate=parse_result.air_date).one()
season = episode_object.season
episodes += [episode_object.episode]
except orm.exc.MultipleResultsFound:
self._log("Found multiple episodes with date {} for show {}, please manually rename episode files to S##E## equivalents then manual "
"run post-process".format(parse_result.is_air_by_date, parse_result.indexer_id),
except orm.exc.NoResultFound:
self._log("Unable to find episode with date {} for show {}, skipping".format(parse_result.is_air_by_date, parse_result.indexer_id),
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