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Pre-Release v9.4.173.dev1

parent 483e4db3
# Changelog
- * 483e4db33 - 2019-09-16: Release v9.4.172
- * 170633151 - 2019-09-15: Bumped version for cfscrape to v2.0.8 Fixed issue with web sessions and CloudFlare handler Refactored NZBGet host:post required pattern, resolves issues with saving config settings Refactored frequency change functions to use `reschedule_job` apscheduler function, resolves issues with frequency not being updated correctly Fixed issue for full backlog searches not running if no show_id is passed
- * ae7acbe0d - 2019-09-14: Resolved issue with enable/disable of provider daily and backlog searches. Added post method to robot.txt web handler that redirects to home.
- * fa32f37af - 2019-09-14: Pre-Release v9.4.172.dev1
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