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  • v4.0.49   ADD: Emby notifier for notifications and update Tell travis to only email when builds change status (success->failed, failed->success) because I hate spam Add ability to use PYTHON_BIN variable in init.fedora, can set in the /etc/sysconfig/sickrage (to be able to use python 2.7 in centOS) Only use US xem exceptions
    3f700d2a · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.48   Update guessit to current master Trim trailing and replace tabs in templates Require debug enabled to submit issues Require SR be up to date before submitting issues Fix bug with backup/restoring and lost settings Increase timeout for XEM Fix a few small typos and a missed import
    cbdb8a29 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.47   Fix: Enable and revert text factory back to may26 Fix: TPB and KAT via proxy (when using direct client connection, no black hole) Added: Confirmation popup when submitting errors
    ba5f6146 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.46   Added: Ton of provider icons Fixed: Alignment of show/hide season buttons Removed: head requests checking of result urls (and did not replace them with get requests) Fixed: Sending bare magnets to clients Fixed: Prevent non-propers from being downed, and warn when provider tries to Fixed: findPropers was only searching for episodes that were snatched status, now also downloaded status Change: show log lines when results are skipped as info Fixed: wrong return values in hdts, ftdb, xthor, and libertalia Fixed: bug in hdts not returning torrents with 0 leechers Fixed: xem scene numbering update failure
    a5215fa7 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.45   Feature: Ability to save length of history to show on the page CSS fix for long episode statuses Few more checks for if a show is paused, when searching/snatching Disable db text_factory, causing encoding issues Clean up kat provider code slightly Add in a message for when GH is unreachable for news/changes instead of error
    ce74c295 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.44   Fix encode/decode problem and junk in DB - Please do a full show update after updating SR. - You may also need to rescan the show dir and then mass rename Add delay between btn api requests Force git reset Fix invalid integer with base 10 error Remove a little bit of logging
    fc0af7c2 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.43   Add various missing network logos Use configured github username for IRC by default Ability to set default start page of SR, in config->general Fix bug with flag display in missed subtitle management Fix collapse button in missed subtitle management Add xthor provider Disable use of torrage again, add thetorrent.org and btdig.com Fix season search bug in newznab Improved refresh of scene numbering from XEM Fix bug where some search results were not filtered by quality, ignored/required words, white/blacklist, etc. Add a bit of debug logging to help isolate existing issues when they pop up Improve some existing logging to limit encoding mishap and help debugging Fix chmod of subtitles when not using multi subs
    946961f4 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.42   Features Added: Connect to SickRage irc directly from SickRage web ui Ability to run a custom script for each subtitle downloaded Set show refresh thread to normal priority Fix add show queue item was always priority normal Check free space of dest folder instead of it's parent Add various missing subtitles and country flags Migrate travis to use docker and cache Stop building for Python 2.6 (unsupported) Add api command to get fanart of a show Fix errant pyc file problem Fix title length too long error when submitting issues Improve various log messages Set permissions and group on subtitles after downloaded Git reset by default on update Remove Sick Beard Index from default providers list Added some show language and subtitle language code db sanity checks Various bugfixes
    365ceae5 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.41   Add NZBGeek to default providers Fix newznab searches Fix tvdb and tvrage indexer searches in api Added missing commands to apibuilder Enable zip64 extensions for config backups Add some missing network logos Remove zoink.ch
    ac279351 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.40   Dyna-load news.md and CHANGES.md from [new repo](http://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/sickrage-news) Add TitansOfTV provider Add missing global and abc (ja) network icons Fix bug where airdate 'never' was set to wanted
    f0ef24bf · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.39   Episode without an airdate are now kept at unaired instead of set to skipped Fix template issue when no lang was set for show info Fix download client imports
    ea897589 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.38   Various bugfixes Improve log line for guessit/subliminal errors Remove lib from all import lines, helps prevent dupe objects imported (and properties not set correct) Use repo for network timezones and scene exceptions again Add Fox Crime logo Update readme.md, news.md
    87d81ff0 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.37   Add changelog page (under the check for updates menu item) Fix path for news.md
    aaf6782a · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.36   Fix a bug where already downloaded subtitles were not found if using a custom subtitles dir Catch a requests excetion when content-encoding is gzip but content is not
    13c75e4e · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.35   Add cpasbien provider Add some missing flags Update better news.md url Update Libertalia provider to use requests
    2996c9d4 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.34   Auto remove invalid subtitles codes Add "News" page with vital info Add FrenchTorrentDB, and Libertailia providers Fix a bug in PP where non-scene was not possible if xem had a mapping
    d70de9f8 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.33   Auto fix bad subtitle codes Add a bunch of missing subtitle flags - Thanks @neoatomic Option in add show settings to pick what status for all future episodes, in addition to previous episodes Fix some potential exceptions in Trakt requests
    efdad7f2 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.32   NEW Setting: SSL Verify (on by default) under config/general on the advanced tab (QNAP CHECK THIS!) REMOVE SETTING: Disable TRAKT SSL Verify - absorbed by new setting String encoding/decoding locale detection fixes. Use opensubtitles codes for subtitles - only one of pob or por will work Fix subtitle dir setting, only absolute path will work Don't error on failed chmod Better descriptions and formatting in some debug log lines Better integration with Chrome on Android Lollipop SR auto exits if another instance is running now TokyoToshoKan fix Populate name_cache on boot, to fix daily searches, post processing, and rss caching Many issues fixed and closed
    608c0681 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.31   Many hotfixes Workaround 'pb' subtitles Stop hardlinking videos when searching subtitles, too error prone for little benefit Fix memory, disk, and processor usage when updating scene exceptions Put enabled providers at the top of the provider list Fix list modified during sort Fix trakt exception on 404
    7a753b4a · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • v4.0.30   Update subliminal to 0.8.0 Update guessit Update cachecontrol update enzyme Rewrite subtitle handling Enable SSL certificate verification Add BTDigg, FNT, BlueTigers torrent providers Fix HDTorrents provider (and some others) Shuffle torrent caching site urls so everyone isn't spamming the same one Fix daily searcher problems with trakt Fix kodi single show library update Fix some trakt exceptions and wrong handling, and messing up episode status' Fix a lot of encoding problems and unicode conversion errors Fix glob issue Fix random PP issues Fix maxage not honored for NZB, resulting in dead snatches Fix default episode status, it is auto set to wanted after add to show, change it to whatever you want then. Add device parameter for pushover notifications MORE....
    a4f329fb · Merge branch 'develop' ·