Authored by Harley Jason

How To Sew Bias Binding

My favorite way to finish a raw edge is to use bias binding. Even though you can use strips with matching color to bind, I like to pick a piece of fabric with a different color to add a definition to my project.

The Tools

Bias binding requires more technique than equipment. All you need are fabric, a cutting mat, a rotary cutter (or a pair of scissors), and a sewing machine, everything will do, really, even an easy to use sewing machine for beginners can handle the job well.

How To Sew Bias Binding

Cut The Bias Strips

What I use here is a binding that has ½” width. For that, I need strips of fabric that are 2” wide.

You can use a pair of scissors here but I find rotary cutter and a cutting mat help quicken the process. Remember to follow the bias grain when you cut. The bias grain is measure 45 degree from the selvedge edge. I usually use a cutting mat with marks so measuring is super quick.

The next step is to piece the strips together. Feel free to use as many strips as you need to achieve the length you want.

Sew Bias Binding To the Wrong Side Of Your Project

Put the wrong side of the part that needs binding and the raw edge of the strip together. Use pins to hold them in place. Now get to the beginning of the binding, fold it in around ½”. Pin if you want to be extra careful or hold the whole thing and head to the sewing machine.

You can always match up later along the way if you have had experience.

Sew around the whole binding, keep a distance of ½” from the raw edge.

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Understitching The Binding


To understitch, first, you fold the binding so that it covers the seam allowances. Hold everything in place and sew close the seam. At this stage, you will sew through all layers.

If you need extra help, you can press the fold so that it stays in place. When you are used to it, you will not need pressing at all.

Trim the Seam Allowance

Measure 3/8” and trim the seam allowance. If your edge is curvy, you may need to clip so that the binding hugs the curves better.

Turn Bias Binding Over The Edge And Sew

Fold about 3/8” so that the binding goes over the edge and press to hold. Now turn over the seam. After this step, the pressed edge should hide the stitching line.

To finish the job, turn the right side so that it faces up and topstitch so secure the bias binding.

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